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Paramount HFi


Compact, Cost-Effective Integrated Generator and Solid-State Matching RF Power Delivery System

The Paramount® HFi is an integrated RF delivery solution for deposition and other semiconductor plasma-based processes. An electrically switchable solid-state capacitor array is physically integrated with the RF power amplifier providing the most compact form-factor power delivery system available. With an overall package size nearly equal to that of a traditional RF power generator, this design also includes the matching network within the common enclosure. The matching network, with 32 tune range positions, allows for reliable RF power delivery across a wide range of impedances. 

In addition to a reduced footprint, mechanically driven vacuum capacitors are replaced in the integrated matching network with solid state components for increased reliability and repeatability—crucial attributes in high-cycle, repetitive pro­cesses. By elim­inating the traditional stand-alone vacuum capacitor matching network, very fast tuning and direct power regulation are achieved, reducing latency in today’s short-cycle, high step-count deposition processes.


  • 32 tune range positions with millisecond switching speeds to enable the shortest process steps
  • Controllable tune range positions optimize the impedance range to customer process
  • Water-cooled with no requirements for external air exchange
  • Common exciter (CEX) mode to sync multiple systems in cluster configurations
  • RS-232, Ethernet, and EtherCAT communication


  • Utilize faster tuning speeds to enables stable performance even in the shortest process steps
  • Decrease costs with integrated package configuration when compared to separate generator and matching network
  • Free up valuable real estate on multi-wafer chamber deposition systems with reduced footprint


Kühlung: Water
Ausgangsfrequenz (MHz, kHz): 13.56 MHz
Eingangsspannung (V): 208 VAC
Leistungsstufe (kW): 3 kW
Rack Breite: N/A, chamber mounted
Kommunikationsschnittstelle: RS-232, 25-pin analog, Ethernet, EtherCAT
Erweiterte Funktionen: CEX
Anwendungen verarbeiten: Etch, PECVD, PVD, Chamber Clean, HDP-CVD, PEALD, ALE

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Power your process with data using PowerInsight by Advanced Energy™, transforming data into actionable intelligence with advanced analytics and machine learning, enabling you to improve yield and reduce unplanned downtime.


Our worldwide service centers provide fast cycle times, use only AE-qualified parts, and follow the original product's specifications and test procedures for the highest quality repair or calibration.

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