Electrostatics & Charging

Fast track your time to market. 

Electrostatic and charging power applications span many diverse markets: from medical and analytical instrumentation to laser optics and industrial filtration. High voltage supply performance requirements within these applications range from high accuracy, low noise switching, to small footprint, low-cost, general-purpose, bias designs. As product development cycles get shorter, the demands on high voltage power supplies — and suppliers — also become more varied. It's important to choose a vendor with a complete product portfolio to advise you from initial concept to full production.

Advanced Energy provides more than 1,500 standard models and 11,000 options for proportional, regulated cap charging, and high voltage amplifier power supplies. Our expert engineers can help you select a solution that fast-tracks your time to market.


Your Challenge

Choosing the right high voltage power supplies can be complex. Having a holistic view of system architectures is crucial when selecting high voltage power supplies. Any number of application requirements can greatly influence performance and operation.

Our Solution

Advanced Energy’s extensive portfolio of high voltage power supplies ranges from micro-size proportional and regulated supplies to high accuracy, chassis-mounted, high voltage amplifiers. With market-leading performance, voltage range, and power density, diverse applications, such as mass spectrometry, air scrubbers, and laser switching can easily be accommodated. In addition to more than 1,500 standard models and 11,000 options, Advanced Energy partners with engineers and designers to create customized power supply solutions that meet their individual or OEM-application needs.


  • Market-leading high voltage and power density that lead to smaller footprints and reduced tool sizes
  • Broad portfolio that includes proportional, regulated bias, regulated charging, and amplifier products
  • Low maintenance costs due to increased power supply life, reliability, and MTBF
  • Deep application and high voltage power supply expertise that reduces development times and costs
  • Lower system design and integration costs due to market-leading accuracy, stability and ripple performance

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Thank You

You may now view any resource on the Advanced Energy site. Click the button below to view your requested resource.