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E²T FlareSpection Flare Stack Flame and Pilot Monitor


Infrared Camera System for Continuous Pilot Flame and Flare Stack Monitoring

Mikron FlareSpection thermal imaging system enables users to confirm flare operation remotely and automatically, detecting differences in heat signatures of the flare stack. Designed with special spectral ranges, calibrations, and optics, the FlareSpection camera is able to focus clearly through moisture, heavy rain, and fog at even great distances day or night.


  • High-resolution thermal imaging camera combined with high magnification optics provides high-resolution image of pilot flames and flares
  • ATEX, IECEx, US, and Canada certified explosion-proof housing
  • Stainless-steel enclosure with an integrated sighting tube to prevent dust and dirt on the window
  • Easy installation and maintenance from remote mounted location
  • Rugged, adjustable mount and base provides stable alignment of the system to pilots and flares (no periodic adjustments required)
  • Advanced software to log performance, record video, and set up alerts for measurements that may fall outside of the plant’s preset limits
  • Image, event, and alarm logs stored for audits


  • Detect multiple pilot flames and flares simultaneously and continuously, ensuring safe and compliant flare monitoring
  • Reliably monitor pilot flames and flares with minimal false alarms, increasing plant uptime
  • Accurately monitor from hundreds of meters away, giving great flexibility to choose the remote flare monitoring system's location
  • Install in hazardous plant areas thanks to explosion-proof housing (certified) 
  • Avoid costly regulatory fines and unscheduled downtime
  • Continue plant operation if thermocouples fail, long-term remote monitoring system can serve as a backup to conventional thermocouple monitoring
  • Be immune to factors such as flame movement, varying luminosity, and adverse climatic conditions
  • Easily connect to the plant's DCS via protocols, such as Modbus and OPC, as well as connections to pilot ignitors via traditional I/O relay modules


Operational temperature range (°C): -30 to 60
Ambient Temperature (°C): -30 to 60
Focus Range (mm/mtr): 0 to 300
Ex-Rating: IECEx db IIB T4
Resolution (°C): 640 x 480
Enclosure Material: 316L stainless steel


Mikron LumaSpec RT Software

Windows-Based, Real-Time Data Acquisition Software

Mikron LumaSpec Offline Analyzer 5.0

Advanced Thermal Image Processing, Analysis, and Report-Writing Software

Technical Videos


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