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Monroe 291 Series


Portable Survey Instrument for Evaluating Resistive Properties of Static Control Products

The Monroeᵀᴹ 291 uses parallel metal contact rails and jacks for connections to external electrodes or ground to measure both resistivity and resistance-to-ground. The instrument is easy-to-use, pocket-sized, and uses a twelve LED color-coded display to accurately and quickly show measured decade values. To measure the surface resistivity of a flat sample, place the instrument on the material with the rails contacting the material and press the test button. For surface-to-ground or point-to-point measurements, make connections to one or both of the banana jacks on the end of the instrument. When a banana plug is inserted, the corresponding contact rail is disconnected.


  • Twelve LED color-coded display for fast, accurate measurements
  • Easy-to-use single button measurements 
  • Portable, pocket-sized convenience


  • Measure both resistivity and resistance-to-ground
  • Use the parallel metal contact rails and jacks for connections to external electrodes
  • Operate within range of 103 to 1012


Operational temperature range (°C): 0 to 40
Measurement Range: 10e3 to 10e12 Ω
Measurement Accuracy (%): ±1/2 Decade

Technical Documentation

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Monroe 291 Data Sheet (155 KB) Data Sheet


Calibration and Alignment

Advanced Energy has the tools and processes to ensure your equipment continues to meet its original specifications.  Our products are calibrated at global AE service sites with proprietary technology designed to exceed industry standards​.

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