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Trek 158A Series


Compact Charged Plate Monitor for Evaluating Air Ionization System Performance

The Trek® 158A charged plate monitor is the premier instrument to evaluate the performance of air ionization systems. It features a user-friendly large 7-inch screen that is active through either touch-screen control or corresponding function keys. The data is displayed in color and may be stored internally or can be easily transferred to a USB flash drive or another USB device. A charged plate assembly is required and is sold separately (6-inch charged-plate shown).


  • User-friendly compact design with superior data collection and storage capability
  • 0.1 V plate voltage resolution
  • Compliance to IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD STM3.1
  • NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit


  • Use either the 7 in touch screen or function keys for control
  • Program start and stop voltage for + and - decay time ionizer tests
  • Realize more than six hours of continuous operation with the battery-operated instrument
  • Use the PC memory card port for ample data storage and easy data transfer


Operational temperature range (°C): 5 to 35
Measurement Range: 0 to ±1100 V
Measurement Accuracy (%): 0.001
Communications Interface: USB

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Calibration and Alignment

Advanced Energy has the tools and processes to ensure your equipment continues to meet its original specifications.  Our products are calibrated at global AE service sites with proprietary technology designed to exceed industry standards​.

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