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SL Power™

SLE06 Series


6 W Single Output External Power Adapters

Advanced Energy's SL Power SLE06 series of plug-in wall-mount AC-DC power adapters feature both medical and ITE safety approvals. It meets Department of Energy Level VI and European Code of Conduct V5 Tier 2 Directive efficiency standards.


  • Low Leakage Current ≤10 μA
  • ≤0.075 W Standby Power
  • 4.2 V to 12 V Outputs, Up to 6 W
  • Up to 5000 m Operating Altitude


  • Medical & ITE Safety Approvals
  • 2 x MOPP Input to Output Isolation
  • Suitable for Medical Equipment Up to Class BF
  • DOE Efficiency Level VI
  • CoC V5 Tier 2(2016)
  • Interchangeable AC Plugs or Fixed Blade Versions
  • Approved to IEC60601-1, 3rd Edition & EN/IEC/UL62368-1


Output Power (W): 6
Length (Inches): 2.89
Width (Inches): 1.67
Height (Inches): 1.21
Mounting Type: External Adapter
Minimum Output Current (A): 0.5
Maximum Output Current (A): 1
Output Voltage Range (V): 5V to 12V
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Stock Check

Model Number
Min. Voltage (V) Max. Voltage (V) Current (A) Nominal Voltage (V) Number of Outputs Samples Buy
SLE06S0503B01 Active, In Stock
5V @ 1.0A, Int. Blade Wall-plug
5 5 1 5 1 Request Buy
SLE06S0503C01 Active, Contact Us
5V @ 1.0A, Fixed N.A. Blade Wall-plug
5 5 1 5 1 Contact Us Buy
SLE06S0599B01 Active, In Stock
5V @ 1.0A Interchangable Blades with USB A Port Output
5 5 1 5 1 Request Buy
SLE06S0903B01 Active, In Stock
9V @ 0.6A, Int. Blade Wall-plug
9 9 0.6 9 1 Request Buy
SLE06S0903C01 Active, Contact Us
9V @ 0.6A, Fixed N. A. Blade Wall-plug
9 9 0.6 9 1 Contact Us Buy
SLE06S1203B01 Active, In Stock
12V @ 0.5A, Int. Blade Wall-plug
12 12 0.5 12 1 Request Buy
SLE06S1203C01 Active, Contact Us
12V @ 0.5A, Fixed N.A. Blade Wall-plug
12 12 0.5 12 1 Contact Us Buy


KT1001 Blade Kit

Blade Kit for SLE Product Families

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