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NeoPower NP08 Series


AC-DC PSU | Configurable & Efficient

The NeoPower NP08 AC-DC configurable power supply introduces best-in-class power density of 18 W/in3. For up to 4000 W output power, NP08 is easy to configure (series or parallel) and has 8 output power slots. NP08 can drop into an OEM’s enclosure to make a custom power supply or simply be used for its high flexibility for any embedded or power conversion challenge requiring multiple outputs.


  • High power density, 18 W/in3
  • Multiple digital communication protocol options via dongles
  • Programmable as a voltage or a current source.
  • Market-leading low ripple noise
  • User Configurable
  • Medical IEC/EN 60601-1 3.2 Compliant and BF Rated 
  • Semi F47
  • Simplified buss bar design


  • More power in 2.5" configurable
  • Flexible communications
  • Fast Deployment
  • Higher power signal and accuracy
  • Easy-to-configure modules
  • Certified Industrial & Medical applications
  • Configurable buss bars for any series/parallel combination
  • Confidence in reliability from the #1 configurable power supply manufacturer


Output Power (W): 4000
Length (Inches): 11.2
Width (Inches): 8
Height (Inches): 2.5
Mounting Type: Configurable
Minimum Output Current (A): 0
Maximum Output Current (A): 448
Output Voltage Range (V): 250
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Model Number
Efficiency (%) Min. Voltage (V) Max. Voltage (V) Current (A) Nominal Voltage (V) Number of Outputs Samples Buy
83-011-0005M* Active, In Stock
NeoPower 1 slot, 1 output 5V nominal module
1 6 56 5 1 Request Buy
83-011-0012M* Active, In Stock
NeoPower 1 slot, 1 output 12V nominal module
2.4 14.4 41.6 12 1 Request Buy
83-011-0015M* Active, In Stock
NeoPower 1 slot, 1 output 15V nominal module
3 18 33.3 15 1 Request Buy
83-011-0024M* Active, In Stock
NeoPower 1 slot, 1 output 24V nominal module
4.8 28.8 20.8 24 1 Request Buy
83-011-0048M* Active, In Stock
NeoPower 1 slot, 1 output 48V nominal module
9.6 57.6 10.4 48 1 Request Buy
83-108-0001W* Active, In Stock
NeoPower 8-slot Case Up to 8 isolated outputs 1VDC - 300VDC output
90 Request Buy


NeoPower Software

Windows software for NeoPower Series

Technical Videos


Model NeoPower NP08 iMP1 iVS1
Output Power (W) 4000 1500 3210
Length (Inches) 11.2 11 11
Width (Inches) 8 8 5
Height (Inches) 2.5 2.5 5

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