Remote Plasma Sources

Rapid OX

Ideal Remote Plasma Source for Oxygen-Based Processes

With a unique user-insertable and removable quartz chamber liner, Advanced Energy's Rapid OX is optimal for oxygen-based processes.

  • Ideal for Photoresist Ashing/Carbon Chamber Cleans: Quartz liner reduces oxygen recombination and ensures effective transportation of reactive species to the process chamber
  • Perfected Performance: 6 kW of power to dissociate oxygen with variable frequency and power control
  • Dependable Design: The chamber and removable insert design offer better reliability than full quartz chambers
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Reduce recombination effects and extend the lifetime of oxygen radicals thanks to Rapid OX's removable quartz liner. When compared to anodized chambers, the resultant reactive species extended lifetime improves photoresist strip rates. And because the quartz liner is easily installed or removed by the operator, it decreases downtime and significantly lowers replacement costs.


  • Significantly reduce downtime and cost of ownership via a removable and replaceable quartz chamber
  • Improve process performance thanks to a high dissociation rate and high-density radical generation
  • Ensure repeatable, controllable processes with variable frequency tuning and precise power control
  • Increase the chamber lifetime and reduce service costs thanks to the reliable design and cooling system
  • Improve tool utilization, reduce preventive maintenance, and lower CoO


  • Quartz liner makes it ideal for photoresist ashing or carbon chamber clean processes
  • Variable frequency matching provides a range of plasma impedance operation, controlled by varying gas chemistry, pressure, and power set point
  • Improved thermal management helps ensure long chamber lifetime
  • Rapid OX quickly ignites and reaches steady-state operation due to low dynamic pressure overshoot
  • Plasma Power Range

    500 to 6000 W
    Power leveling capability in the power supply impedance range

  • Process Applications

    Gas remote delivery for downstream chamber cleaning, reactive etching processes, and reactive deposition processes

  • Ignition

    100 mTorr to 1 Torr of Oxygen and Nitrogen up to 4 slm (90% O2 and 10% N2)

  • Chemical Compatibility

    This unit is intended for use with selected gases such as Ar, O2, H2, N2, F2, H2O, NF3, or O2

  • Operation Flows, Dilutions, and Pressure Range

    • The verified unit-operating flow range is 0.2 to 4 slm of pure O2, and O2 with a 10% N2 between 100 mTorr and 4 Torr
    • Other gas pressure/flow combinations may be permitted but must be approved by Advanced Energy prior to use 
  • Size

    H x W x D: 35.3 cm x 41.5 cm x 39.2 cm  
    H x W x D: 14" x 16.5" x 15.5"

  • Weight

    37.6 kg (83 lbs)

  • RF Frequency

    250 to 665 kHz

  • Power Accuracy

    Referenced at plasma load +/- 5% or 200 W whichever is greater

  • Operational Load Limits

    Operational load needs to be within the operational limits of:

    Minimum Power

    500 W

    Maximum Power

    6000 W

    Maximum Plasma Voltage

    325 Vrms

    Minimum Plasma Current

    5 Arms

    Maximum Primary Current

    120 Arms

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