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Asymmetric Bias Waveform Generator for Direct Control of Substrate Voltage and Ion Energy

Advanced Energy’s eVoSTM platform is a revolutionary power technology for the direct control of ion energy distribution in plasma processing. The integrated, single-enclosure system delivers a customized width and precise control of ion energy for node etch and deposition applications. With a 1.2 kV asymmetric waveform, the eVoS LE applies metrology and proprietary control to deliver bias plasma performance for sensitive feature formation and efficiency unachievable by conventional RF methods.

  • Independently regulated voltage and current output for maximum control of bias conditions
  • Proprietary control system for direct manipulation of wafer bias characteristics
  • Fast, digitized metrology for real-time output monitoring and control
  • Improved efficiency with power applied directly to ion acceleration for less waste to heating
  • Enhanced ability to customize ion energy distribution, eliminate tails, and narrow distributions to maximize concentration to process-optimal levels
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The eVoS™ LE is an asymmetric bias waveform generator designed to achieve direct control of wafer-surface voltage and resulting ion energy distributions (IED) in plasma-based etch and deposition processes. The eVoS system is comprised of a bi-directional voltage supply combined with an independent current source to establish and control wafer-surface potential. The asymmetric output of the eVoS eliminates the limitations and restrictions of wafer biasing inherent to sinusoidal RF bias application. Fast digital metrology and novel control algorithms enable the production of near mono-energetic IEDs. Use additional parameters for customizing average and time-varying aspects of the wafer surface voltage and resulting ion energy distribution.


  • Achieve direct control of wafer bias voltage and resulting ion energies
  • Gain enhanced ion energy selection/discrimination when compared to a RF bias method
  • Significantly increase etch selectivity for shorter processes and straighter, deeper features
  • Use less power by using the “right power,” only delivering the useful ion energy
  • Simplify bias power integration


  • Ability to produce near mono-energetic ion energy distributions
  • Pulse capability with necessary input and output signals for synchronization
  • Integrated design and compact size eliminates need for matching network
  • High-speed metrology provides real-time bias voltage and ion current feedback
  • Narrow, broad, and multi-peak distributions
  • Adaptable to standard chamber interface
  • Ion Energy

    Up to 1 keV

  • Ion Current

    Up to 1 Amp

  • IED Spread


  • Pulse Range

    1 to 5000 Hz @ 10% -90% duty factor (Minimum pulse interval (on or off time) = 100 µs)

  • Cooling


    9/16’’ 18 SAE Female (ISO 11926-1)

    Water Flow

    ≥2 gpm @ 5 to 30°C

    Water Quality

    Per SEMI E51-0200 Process Cooling Water Standard

    Maximum Water Pressure

    6.9 Bar

    Ambient Air Temperature

    5 to 40°C

    AIr Flow

    Forced through air flow by 60 mm fan

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