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Up to 1Kw

Advanced Energy's up to 1 KW product portfolio includes the MH100 Series, OL400W, and OL600W. These are robust and efficient solutions, suitable for a variety of uses with diverse voltage outputs. These are all crafted to deliver precise and energy-efficient power solutions, underscoring our commitment to performance, reliability, and quality.

The MH1000 Series provides up to 1000 W power and 50,000 V, with a wide input voltage range and advanced features such as remote control, and adjustable output voltage, making it suitable for applications in medical and industrial research.

The OL400W and OL600W, offering output power of up to 400 W and 600 W respectively, are ideal for various industrial and scientific applications. They stand out with their high efficiency, low ripple and noise, wide output voltage range, and built-in overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

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