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400 W

Advanced Energy's high-performance 400 W products are designed to provide reliable and efficient power delivery in a variety of applications, including semiconductor processing, high voltage reliability testing, precision instrumentation, electrostatics, and industrial automation. The 400W family consists of the Trek 10/40A-HS, 20/20C, and 20/20C-HS.

The Trek 10/40A-HS is a high-speed bipolar amplifier that offers exceptional bandwidth and signal integrity and an output voltage range of 0 to ±10,000 V. This compact and lightweight unit is ideal for applications requiring fast rise times and high-frequency response. The Trek 20/20C-HS is a high-voltage amplifier for applications requiring precision voltage control and fast response times. It can deliver up to 400W of power with a maximum output voltage of ±20,000 V. It offers fast response times and advanced signal integrity. Both products are ideal for use in electro-optics, electrophoresis, and electrostatics.

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