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DS500SDC Series


12 V 500 W Power Supplies (48 V DC Input)

The DS500SDC-3 series of 500 W bulk front-end DC-DC power supply accepts an input of -36 to -72 VDC and provides a main 12 V output plus a 12 V standby output. Housed in a 1U high rack-mounting enclosure with a short form factor that frees up system space, the DS500SDC-3 has a power density of 10.9 W per cubic inch. This series comes in two airflow versions – dc-connector to ac-connector and vice versa. The series is also in the same form factor and has the same output configuration as the DS500SPE-3. With a main 12 V output delivering up to 41.67 A and staying regulated down to zero load, they're perfect for feeding downstream DC-DC converters in distributed power architectures (DPA). This digitally-controlled power supply is PMBus® compliant with a built-in I2C serial interface that allows set-up, monitoring and control via PMBus GUI.


  • 1U power supply
  • 500 W output power
  • Highdensity design: 12 W/in3
  • N+1 or N+N redundant


  • Active current sharing
  • Compatible with Artesyn"™s
  • Full digital control
  • High power and short form factor
  • Inrush current control
  • PMBus compliant
  • Reverse airflow available
  • Two year warranty
  • Universal PMBus GUI


Output Power (W): 500
Length (Inches): 7.74
Width (Inches): 3.4
Height (Inches): 1.58
Mounting Type: Rack-mount
Minimum Output Current (A): 2
Maximum Output Current (A): 41.67
Output Voltage Range (V): 0V to 0V
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Model Number
Min. Voltage (V) Max. Voltage (V) Current (A) Nominal Voltage (V) Number of Outputs Samples Buy
DS500SDC-3 Active, Contact Us 0 0 41.67 12 2 Contact Us Buy
DS500SDC-3-001 Active, Contact Us 0 0 41.67 12 2 Contact Us Buy

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