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iMP8 Series


1000 to 1200 W Configurable AC-DC Power Supplies

The iMP8 series is an AC input to DC output configurable power system consisting of a microprocessor-controlled PFC front end providing six slots that accept intelligent DC-DC converter modules with single, dual or triple outputs ranging from 2 V to 60 V. Single output modules come in four power ranges that can be mixed and matched and connected in parallel or series to obtain thousands of output combinations customized to any application. User-configurable functions include current limit and output sequencing, as well as input and output OK signals and indicators. Capable of delivering up to 1,200 watts and with up to 18 isolated outputs, the iMP8 series carries full medical safety approvals and is an extremely flexible and versatile multi-output power solution.

These digitally controlled power supplies feature a PMBus®-compliant I2C serial interface that enables parameters such as the voltage, current limit and enable/inhibit status of individual outputs to be programmed via an intuitive user GUI. The serial interface also allows remote monitoring of voltage, current and temperature.


  • Current Share on all outputs greater than 10A
  • Field Demonstrated MTBF to 550K Hours
  • Industrial Shock/Vib (>50G's)
  • Industrial Temp Range (40 to 70C)
  • Intelligent I2C control
  • Isolated 5V @ 1A Standby Output
  • Remote Sense on all outputs greater than 2A
  • Input Range 85-264 VAC; 120-350 VDC
  • Frequency 47-63 Hz
  • Inrush Current 40A Peak (Soft Start)
  • Efficiency 85% typical depending on configuration
  • Power Factor 0.99 typ @ full case load
  • Turn-on Time AC 2,0 sec; Inhibit 150mS
  • EMI Filter CISPR 22/EN55022 Level B
  • Leakage Current 300uA Max
  • Radiated EMI CISPR 22/EN55022 Level B
  • Holdover Storage 20 mSec min
  • ACOK >5mS early warning
  • Input Fuse 20A
  • Margining +/-4-6% of Nominal
  • Programming Accuracy +/- 5%
  • Factory Set Point Accuracy +/- 1%
  • Adjust Range +/-10% Manual; Full Range Programmable
  • Overall Regulation 0.4% or 20mV max
  • Ripple RMS 0.1%; P-P 1.0% to 20MHz
  • Dynamic Response <2% or 100mV, 25% load step
  • Reverse Voltage Protection 100% of rated output
  • Recovery Time To within 1% in <300uSec
  • Remote Sense Compensates up to 0.5V
  • Single Wire Parallel Share within 2% of total rated load
  • DCOK +/-5% of nominal - Programmable
  • Output/Output Isolation >1 Megohm, 500V
  • Safety Meets EN60950 and EN60601
  • Module Switching Frequency 250kHz accepts external sync signal


  • ACOK signal
  • Active PFC
  • Configurable Output Sequencing
  • Digital monitor of Voltage, Current and Temp (Both Input and Output)
  • Downloadable GUI
  • EMI Conducted and Radiated to Class B
  • External Switching Frequency Sync Input
  • Field Replacable Intelligent Fan
  • Full Medical Approval
  • Global DCOK and Inhibit/Enable (Logic Programmable)
  • Margin and Remote Voltage Programming
  • Module DCOK and Inhibit (Logic Programmable)
  • Optional Conformal Coating
  • Optional Extended holdup module
  • Optional extra holdup module
  • Optional VME Timing and System DCOK/Reset Module
  • Overload Protection on all outputs
  • Programmable voltage, current limit, fan speed, Foldback or Constant Current operation
  • Voltage Adjustment on all outputs (Manual or Programmable)
  • OVP Programmable
  • OCP Programmable
  • Thermal Protection OTP/OTW Programmable


Output Power (W): 1200
Length (Inches): 10
Width (Inches): 7
Height (Inches): 2.5
Mounting Type: Configurable
Minimum Output Current (A): 0
Maximum Output Current (A): 240
Output Voltage Range (V): 2V to 60V
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