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Industrial Insight

November & December 2023 Edition

Message From AE Leadership
What an incredible year! Looking back at 2023, we have accomplished so much including our new product releases, most recently NeoPower (NP08) and the iHP Liquid Cooled, the launch of our new website, now with enhanced search capabilities, a distinct application focus, and easy-to-use navigation. We have also expanded into new markets, including Industrial 3D Printing, Tethered Drones, Fixed Robotics, and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). 
Looking ahead to 2024, AE is uniquely positioned for a year of growth. AE is heavily investing in leading edge technology, design, and manufacturing sites around the world. We sincerely appreciate your partnership as we look forward to this new and exciting year at Advanced Energy.

Maria Cortez, Senior Vice President, Industrial Power Products, Advanced Energy

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New Product Releases

Next-generation NeoPower™

NP08 AC-DC configurable power supply

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Cross Selling 
AE is a Complete Solutions Provider: How to use Service as a differentiator for Pyrometers and Thermal Imagers 

Our Total Service Plan positions AE as a Complete Solutions Provider and adds significant value to Pyrometer and Thermal Imager customers.  AE's unique differentiator is that we manufacture and service highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement, and control solutions. AE Certified® calibration and repair offerings follow the highest quality standards based off our years of expertise designing, manufacturing, and servicing these instruments. With our Total Service Plan, we provide complete solutions for Pyrometers and Thermal Imagers which ensure long life, high accuracy, and minimize downtime.  

We offer on-site and factory services, extended warranty and protection plans, upgrade plans, and discounted service agreements which will enable cost-effective, efficient calibration and repair using our proprietary, world-leading calibration methods and factory components.  Our service programs ensure your equipment has access to the latest software and product updates to ensure your equipment is always operating at its highest level of performance.  We also offer on-site trainings and site audits to recommend optimal asset strategies and solutions.  

Contact Mike Georgalis today to learn more about how our Total Service Plan gives AE an edge in Pyrometer and Thermal Imager projects by enabling:
  1. High precision, high accuracy calibration and alignment for better quality control, process control, and safety.
  2. Better reliability with our complementary full system health check and inspection with each factory calibration.
  3. Software and firmware upgrades for optimized performance.
  4. Financial planning advantages with discounts on multi-year calibration agreements and extended warranties to minimize unexpected repair costs.
  5. My AE Portal, our FREE asset management system makes calibration, repair, and RMA management fast and easy.  My AE Portal is available to all LumaSense customers.

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Data Sheet

Data Sheet

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Case Studies

NBG660 provides high reliability, efficiency and output stability, for stage lighting
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Product Videos
Upcoming Events 
SemiCon Japan 
Dec 13-15, 2023
Tokyo, Japan

Visit Advanced Energy at booth 4920, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan, December 13-15, 2023. At the Advanced Energy booth, we will be exhibiting products equipped with the latest high-precision power supply control technology.

MD&M West 
Feb 6-8, 2024
Anaheim, California

Visit Advanced Energy at MD&M West 2024. At the Advanced Energy booth, we will be exhibiting products equipped with the latest medical and industrial power supply control technology.

AE in the World
Advanced Energy AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC modules for Industrial Lighting

Advanced Energy’s power conversion solutions are used by leading manufacturers of professional lighting systems. A diverse range of output voltages, form factors, performance and configurations can easily satisfy unique electrical and mechanical requirements. 

In the following case study a world leading manufacturer of stage and arena moving lights for the entertainment industry was working on a new design of stage lighting product. The design was to include features such as wide zoom, high efficiency, flicker free light output for 8k & 16k cameras, external use and innovative light effects.