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Ophthalmic lasers require a stable and reliable source of power to operate effectively and efficiently. Advanced Energy’s high reliability, repeatability, and precise control of the power solutions are key factors that allow our customer to launch new systems quickly and ahead of the competition. Our DC-DC amplifiers are designed for applications that require precise control of fixed or fast-changing high voltage outputs.
In ophthalmic laser surgeries, the laser energy must be tightly controlled, with extremely short bursts of relatively high laser energy being delivered to the patient’s ocular lens during the procedure. Sudden or unexpected downtime of the high voltage power supply, while always undesirable, could be catastrophic were it to occur during one of these procedures. Power supplies must provide stable and precise power to the laser, ensuring that it operates with high accuracy and reliability. The power supply must also be able to provide consistent power and operate reliably in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Choosing the right power supply for ophthalmic lasers is critical to ensuring the safety, accuracy, and reliability of these important medical devices. Advanced Energy’s high accuracy and precision, safety and compliance, highly reliable, and flexible solutions are all essential considerations when selecting a power supply for ophthalmic lasers. By choosing the right power supply, you can ensure optimal performance and safety during critical eye surgeries and treatments.

Powering medical lasers and power requirements for ophthalmic lasers.