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Artesyn Announces DoE Level VI/COC Tier 2 External Power Adapters

Posted October 12, 2017

Tempe, Ariz. [12 October, 2017] — Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced three new series of external power adapters to enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) to meet the Department of Energy Level VI and European Code of Conduct (CoC) v5 Tier 2 Directive efficiency standards. These standards aim to reduce waste energy from external power supplies both from no-load and normal operation and targets a range of applications including consumer electronics, office equipment, industrial products and medical devices.

The DA10-M is a wall-mount external adapter offering a single 5 V, 2 A output and 10 W maximum power. It is available with fixed AC plugs for the USA, Europe, China, the UK or Australia as standard and variants with interchangeable plugs and either a standard barrel connector or micro USB output. The DA10-M features safety approvals including 60601-1 medical and 60950-1 IT equipment.

The new DP10054P3L is a desktop-style external power adapter offering a single 54 V, 1.85 A fully regulated output and 100 W maximum power. It has a standard 3-pin (type C6) IEC320 AC receptacle input and barrel connector output. The DP10054P3L offers power over Ethernet (PoE) isolation.

The AD24-VI is a desktop-style external power adapter offering a single 12 V, 2 A fully regulated output and
24 W maximum power. It has a standard 3-pin (type C14) IEC320 AC receptacle input and a barrel connector output.

Both new desktop adapters meet the K.21 ITU-T enhanced surge requirements for customer premise telecommunication equipment and the 60950-1 standards for IT equipment.


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