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Spotlight on Ion Implantation and Rapid Thermal Processing Solutions from Advanced Energy

Posted March 27, 2019 by Advanced Energy Editor

Back-end-of-the-line semiconductor fabrication processes, in which lithography and multi-pattern etching is executed, might get a lot of attention, but it’s the front-end-of-the-line processing that sets the foundation for success. That’s where ion implantation and rapid thermal processing (RPT) come in.

Think of it like a really good rock-and-roll band: The lead singer may be the star, but unless the bass player and drummer are locked in and laying down a great groove, the music just doesn’t work. Without exact, responsive power and temperature control in the front-end-of-the-line process, ion implantation and thermal processing can’t set the foundation for optimized wafer conductivity and low defect rate.

Varying Implant Recipes Call for Varying Power Levels

The wide range of final applications calls for high-, low- and medium-energy implantations. However, precise power control is essential regardless of implant recipe. As wafer size shrinks and chip density increases, ion beam control and purity become ever more important.

We’ve developed a power supply series, the HiTek Power® Series, offering the variability and reliability our customers need to achieve the reproducibility, doping range and dopant concentration required for a wide range of recipes. We complement that series with a pyrometer capable of controlling thermal conditions. As an ensemble, it’s an ideal solution for producing today’s thin films and high-density, multi-dimension chips.

  • HiTek Power OLH10K Series – Available in three input voltage variants, the OLH10K (208VAC), the OLH10KC (380VAC) and the OLH10KE (400VAC) are systems comprised of a rack mounting power converter through which both local and remote controls can be facilitated, and a separate HV unit employing a modular disc construction.
  • HiTek Power OLS10KD Series – Combining a high power, 10 kW supply with a low power, 1 kW supply in the same chassis, the OLS10KD series is designed for high stability and very low ripple over a wide range of output voltages. They are also offered in three voltage variants (OLS10KD (208 VAC), the OLS10KDC (380 VAC) and the OLS10KDE (400 VAC) and built for exceptional reliability in severe electrical environments.
  • Sekidenko MXE Pyrometer – Ideal for processes with high susceptor rotation speeds, the Sekidenko MXE pyrometer offers in-situ, non-contact temperature and reflectance measurement to enhance wafer-to-wafer and run-to-run uniformity.

You Need the Right Tool for the Application

Ultra-pure processing aimed at enabling ever-shallower, low-resistivity junctions is paramount to meeting end-user demand for more power and density, fabricators’ need for greater yield, reduced defects and lower TCO, and design engineers’ application requirements. The right power source, whether you are involved with low-energy, medium current or high-energy implantation is where it all begins.

At Advanced Energy, we’re dedicated to making sure that you have the instruments and support you need, whether you are focused on front-end-of-the-line ion implantation or annealing or back-end-of-the line etching and deposition, to produce one “hit” after another. You can learn more about Advanced Energy’s power solutions for ion implantation and RPT on our website.


Advanced Energy Editor

Advanced Energy

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