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AI Trending at AISTech 2024

Posted June 26, 2024 by Isabella Quintana

This year, the Association for Iron & Steel Technology® Conference (AISTech) was held in Columbus, Ohio, with an attendance of over 8,000 industry professionals from more than 40 countries including steel producers, suppliers, academia and students. Advanced Energy (AE) attended this year’s event highlighting its expertise in thermal sensing products and participated in an important conversation surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on process control of steel plants. This event was also an opportunity for industry peers to learn from Advanced Energy experts, who demonstrated how to monitor quality standards, increase productivity and lower energy costs.

AE’s Thermal Sensing Presence

As with previous years at AISTech, Advanced Energy showcased its leading products in pyrometry, thermal imaging and power control. “The 2024 AIS Tech show had record attendance and it was evident by the number of key customers visiting the Advanced Energy booth” said David Spencer, Advanced Energy’s regional sales manager. “We logged more visitors to our booth than the previous two years combined, with numerous global steel companies taking interest in our pyrometry and thermal imaging camera systems.”

On view at the Advanced Energy booth was the Impac® IS 140 and IGA 140 series of digital, high precision pyrometers designed for non-contact temperature measurements on a diverse range of materials such as metals, ceramics and graphite. The innovative Mikron® MCS640 thermal imager, offering unparalleled accuracy in demanding industrial and manufacturing applications, was also on display. AE also highlighted the Thyro-A+, which is the latest addition to AE’s proven Thyro-family of digital SCR power controllers. These product solutions all can improve quality and raise yield with accurate temperature measurement and precise power control

How AI Plays a Role in Thermal Sensing

Many of the discussions at AISTech 2024 focused on AI and its impact on process control in steel plants. AI is trending as a topic across technology-related industries because of the near-exponential amount of innovation and data it can deliver. However, any AI tool for manufacturing processes is only as useful as the sensors measuring the data.

AI can better and more quickly recognize trends, rather than relying on the existing systems and operators. AE’s pyrometers and thermal imaging cameras provide interfaces that feed the data set into the customers’ AI tools for predictive diagnostics helping improve process control and detect premature wear of internal components. These benefits combined with SCR power controllers enable a complete solution from Advanced Energy. 


This year’s event confirmed that AI is pushing the boundaries and abilities within industrial manufacturing, and steel is no exception. The path to greater efficiency, yield improvement, cost reduction and sustainability is more achievable with the implementation of AI. Advanced Energy has the experience and innovators to provide the solutions to take AI from aspiration to implementation, providing customers with the best sensing and control performance possible. Look for Advanced Energy showcasing how AE’s engineered solutions enable AI more efficiently at AISTech 2025 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Isabella Quintana

Advanced Energy
As Advanced Energy’s Marketing Communications Specialist, Isabella Quintana manages a spectrum of branding and communications responsibilities, including AE’s social media strategy, the creation of visual marketing collateral and corporate audio/visual (AV) capabilities. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and joined AE in 2022.
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