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Coming Soon – MB120 Class II Input Models | Medical-Grade Internal Power Supply

Posted May 29, 2018

SL Power Electronics is pleased to announce a new group of Coming Soon products – The MB120 Class II Input Models. These new units will be available in 12, 15, 18 and 24Vdc output versions and up to 120 Watts of power.

The MB120 was engineered for next-generation medical applications which require well-balanced power supplies that excel across all performance parameters. Feature rich and highly efficient, this product family can easily fit in a 1U chassis and provides 100 Watts of convection cooled power. Notable features also include input, output, and temperature monitors/alarms. All models are CE marked to the low voltage directive and approved to AAMI ES/CSA C22.2 No./EN/IEC60601-1, 3rd Edition. These power supplies also meet the latest IEC60601-1-2, 4th Edition EMC requirement. Boasting exceptionally low leakage current performance, these power supplies are also BF rated.

The MB120 features Hiccup Mode and Auto-Recovery for Over Load Protection and Short Circuit Protection. In addition, the Over Voltage Protection enables latching off when the output voltage is within the given range (see datasheet). Moreover, the MB120 is equipped with Over Temperature Protection and Output Reverse Voltage Protection.

The MB120 has been used extensively in medical applications within various platforms including Medical Lighting, ICU Factory Automation, Hematology Equipment, Patient Monitoring, and others. Since the product family’s release last year, it has proven to excel in key areas such as reliability, performance, and seamless integration. Moreover, the MB120 powers many medical devices today. These devices serve to Save & Sustain Lives – ranging from Surgical Equipment, ICU Monitoring, Imaging, Infusion Pumps, Pulse Oximeters, and other such devices.

Very soon, the MB120’s industry-leading performance will be available for applications, such as home health care devices, that require IEC Class II input.


  • 2” x 4” x 1.25” Package, Ideal for 1U Applications
  • 10-Year Life design with Premium E-Caps
  • 100 Watts Convection Cooled
  • Class B Conducted and Radiated EMI Performance
  • BF Isolation Type Rated
  • Meets IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC Requirements
  • [Approvable] to AAMI ES/CSA C22.2/EN/IEC60601-1 3rd Edition
  • 2xMOPP Isolation
  • <0.5 W Standby Power
  • 3 Year Warranty

Interested in learning more about the MB120? CLICK HERE to access the product page where you will find more detailed information.


What is IEC Class I and Class II?

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) sets international safety standards for the electrotechnology space. Class I and Class II refer to a power supply’s internal construction and electrical insulation. These standards were developed to protect the user from electric shock.

IEC Class I input models have basic insulation and must incorporate a protective earth connection to mitigate the risk of electric shock.

IEC Class II input models feature additional safety precautions, such as double insulation or reinforced insulation, thereby eliminating the need for a protective earth connection. Therefore, Class II input power supplies have a 2-pin input receptacle [IEC60320 C8 or C18 type] instead of the 3-pin input receptacles found on Class I input models.

There is either a double or reinforced insulation barrier between the input and the output. Many mobile phone chargers and laptop power supplies are Class II. Products designed with Class II insulation often are labeled as ‘Class II’, ‘double insulated’ or will have the concentric square symbol on the safety label.Class II Concentric Square Symbol II External Power Supply


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