Supplier Code of Conduct

This Supplier Code of Conduct (“this Code”) contains principles on how Advanced Energy® and its affiliates (“AE”) expect its suppliers, contractors, and business partners (collectively referred to as “Suppliers”) to do business.

In general, AE expects Suppliers to obey all laws, regulations and other governmental authorities of any country in which they do business and to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times. This Code applies to all parent, subsidiary and affiliate entities of Suppliers, their employees, and their agents or subcontractors. AE also expects that Suppliers work with their own supply chain, including agents and subcontractors, to ensure that they meet the principles of this Code or an equivalent Supplier policy.

AE is committed to ethical and responsible business conduct. In compliance with labor regulations, AE is dedicated to corporate and Supplier activities that are free from slavery and human trafficking. In doing so, AE expects Suppliers to share our commitment to ethics, integrity and social responsibility by providing safe working conditions, treating workers with dignity and respect, and acting ethically and within the law in the use of labor.

All Suppliers to AE must agree to the following:

  1. Compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to the Supplier’s business and operations.
  2. Compliance with AE’s Code of Ethical Conduct. 
  3. All work completed shall be voluntary, and workers shall be free to leave upon reasonable notice. No worker shall be required to hand over government-issued identification, passports, or work permits as a condition of employment.
  4. Child labor shall not be used. The term “child” refers to any person under the age of 16, or under the age for completing compulsory education, or under the minimum age for employment in the Supplier’s country, whichever is greatest.
  5. Workweeks shall not exceed the maximum set by local law.
  6. Abstain from soliciting, accepting or offering a payment or other reward or incentive of any kind to or from AE representatives in order to secure preferential treatment for or from AE. No offers of gifts, entertainment, food or drink, gratuities, lodging, travel, or similar items shall be made to representative of AE unless they are of nominal value and incidental to a normal business relationship and in compliance with local law.
  7. No purchase or sale of shares or other securities of AE if Supplier becomes aware of material non-public information relating to AE, and Suppliers may not disclose such information to others, or direct or encourage someone else to buy or sell such securities until the information has been disclosed to the public.
  8. Participation in and support of AE’s efforts to periodically validate our suppliers’ compliance with this Code through self-assessment questionnaires and validation audits.
  9. Provision of requested information regarding mineral country of origin on parts supplied to AE through our third party service provider that helps to manage our conflict mineral compliance.
  10. Provision of product-related materials declarations or hazardous substance content disclosures for applicable European Union Directives, or other applicable product content legislation.
  11. Participation in any AE-sponsored training related to the requirements of this Code.
  12. Adoption of documented policy or procedure related to the content of this Code that shall be designed to ensure: compliance with this Code, identification, and mitigation of operational risks related to this Code, and facilitation of continuous improvement.

This Code will be reinforced by required compliance in AE’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase. AE may reconsider its willingness to partner with suppliers who fail to comply with this Code and/or the Code of Ethical Conduct. In the event that a Supplier fails to meet AE’s prohibitions on slavery and human trafficking, AE may take disciplinary action up to and including termination of the Supplier.

Reporting of Violations:
It is important that concerns regarding business practices within AE’s operations which do not align with our values and Code of Ethical Conduct are reported to AE promptly. AE has established an international Ethics hotline and web portal for raising concerns. AE permits anonymous reports where allowed by local law.

Report Online

For Telephone Reporting (Toll-Free):

1.888.601.6759 (English)
1.855.350.9393 (French)

(Southern – Mandarin Operator) 108.10 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759
(Northern – Mandarin Operator) 108.710 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

0.800.225.5288 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

0.800.225.5288 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

(NTT) 0034.811-001 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759
(KDDI) 00.539.111 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759
(Softbank Telecom) 00.663.5111 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

(Dacom) 00.309.11 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759
(ONSE) 00.369.11 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759
(Korea Telecom) 00.729.11 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

(Starhub) 800.001.0001 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759
(SingTel) 800.011.1111 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

Switzerland 0.800.890011 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

00.801.102.880 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

United Kingdom
(C&W) 0.500.89.0011 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759
(British Telecom) 0.800.89-0011 at the prompt dial 888.601.6759

United States

AE treats all reports seriously and fairly, and will promptly investigate all reports. Please discuss any concerns about this Code with your AE business contact.

Thank You

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Thank You

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