Our goal is to lead the world in precision power conversion and to improve lives. In every aspect of our business, we strive to be a positive force for our employees and in our communities, while conserving resources to minimize any negative impact on the environment and the planet.

ESG Brochure

Corporate Commitment

Advanced Energy is committed to reducing our impact on the environment by (i) improving the energy efficiency of our products, (ii) reducing waste in our operations, and (iii) conserving natural resources, including materials, energy and water, all in a business responsible manner that drives long-term sustainability.

In support of this commitment, we drive operational excellence across the entire enterprise to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in all aspects of our business. Where possible, we track our progress on reducing our environmental impact and work collaboratively with our customers, suppliers, and the communities on such initiatives.

Energy-Efficient Products

Our dedicated R&D teams continuously strive to improve power conversion efficiency. Every efficiency percentage point achieved reduces our customers’ power consumption to decrease their environmental impact and carbon emissions. Many of our products also received Energy Efficiency Declarations.

Discover how Advanced Energy’s powerful innovation cuts electricity consumption in our Energy Efficiency White Paper.

Energy-Efficient Operations

Advanced Energy strives to lower our energy usage in our global factories. Our Philippines factory is a PEZA Hall of Fame Awardee for Environmental Performance and employs novel alternatives to reduce the need for thermal testing.

From 2014 to 2020, our Artesyn Embedded Power factories in China and the Philippines reduced annual purchased energy consumption by 58%, saving 42,083 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. Additionally, our factories in China and the Philippines monitor GHG emissions and report to the CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) annually. Read our CDP submission and our score report. In the report, we received a grade of C, which is in line with the North American average.


Advanced Energy is committed to recycling the waste generated from our business activities as much as economically feasible. Our facility in Vancouver, Washington was recently recognized and certified as a Clark County Green Business for our efforts to conserve resources and improve recycling practices. 

As part of our commitment to help the industry embrace sustainability and increase recycling, Advanced Energy is one of the six launching key suppliers on Applied Materials’ SuCCESS2030 initiative to work towards a more sustainable supply chain. Learn more

Quality and Sustainability

At Advanced Energy, quality is embedded in our processes — throughout the entire product life cycle. Our global quality management system facilitates transparency and consistency across the entire organization. We are committed to ISO standards.


Achieving Data Center Energy Efficiency

Advanced Energy power supplies play a critical role in overall data center efficiency. As the last stage in power conversion, low efficiency at the power supply can cascade back through the entire facility power distribution. Every 1% efficiency loss at the power supply unit will require more than 1% additional power to accomplish the same output. Efficient power supplies help data centers to achieve their sustainability goals.

Learn more about our commitment to improving efficiency

Data Centers White Paper

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