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Improve Process Efficiency and Reduce Waste using Gas Monitoring Solutions

Advanced Energy’s Innova series photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) based trace and multi-gas monitoring systems deliver high detection sensitivity to a wide range of application environments. The series offers highly accurate and stable direct measurement independent of external variables without requiring carrier gases or consumables. The Innova series sequentially and individually detects and monitors up to five substances and humidity. The series comprises gas monitoring systems as well as samplers and dosers that address such applications as refrigerant emissions and leak measurements, waste anesthesia monitoring, automotive exhaust gas or SHED evaporative testing, soil science and contamination, ventilation performance, biogas analysis, industrial hygiene-IAQ monitoring, and SF6, R134a, and CO2 detection and monitoring.


  • Selectively measure a wide range of gases / vapors
  • Reduce/eliminate calibration requirements
  • Collect air samples from multiple locations
  • Remotely control using the gas monitor or a PC
  • Minimize expensive tracer gas consumption
  • Achieve exceptional accuracy
  • Promptly operate (rapid warm-up time)


  • Pneumatic system constructed of AISI-316 Stainless Steel and PTFE tubing to minimize gas adsorption
  • Enabling all tracer gas methods
  • Linear response over a wide dynamic range
  • Independent from pressure or density readings
  • Available in single or multiple gas configuration
  • Multi-gas monitoring


Betriebstemperaturbereich (°C): 5 to 40
Schutzklasse: IP 20, IP 40
Gewicht (kg): 11 to 14
CE-Kennzeichnung: CE-mark indicates compliance with: EMC Directive and Low Voltage Directive
Leistungsaufnahme (W): 35
Software: 7650 Basic Ventilation Software, 7651 Advanced Ventilation Software, BZ7007, LumaSoft 7880, Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows® 10

Technische Dokumentation

Titel Typ
Air Purification Device Testing Application Note (924 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Emission Monitoring in Animal Husbandry Application Note (551 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Fumigant Monitoring Application Note (409 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Greenhouse Gas Flux Monitoring in Soil Science Application Note (845 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Industrial Hygiene Application Note (221 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Landfill Emissions Application Note (220 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Leak Testing of Insulated Switchgears Application Note (851 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Measurement of Anesthetic Agents in Operating Rooms Application Note (493 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Measurement of Chlorinated Compounds in Soil-Gas Application Note (669 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Mobile AC Refrigerant Emissions Monitoring Application Note (433 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Photocatalytic Material Testing Application Note (141 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Refrigerant Leak Detection Application Note (251 KB) Anwendungshinweis
SF6 Leak Detection in Enclosed GIS Substations (687 KB) Anwendungshinweis
SHED Evaporative Emissions Testing Application Note (537 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Ventilation Performance Application Note (410 KB) Anwendungshinweis
Gas Sensing Overview Brochure (13 MB) Broschüre
气体感测解决方案 (17 MB) Broschüre
Innova 1314i 产品资料 (725 KB) Datenblatt
Innova 1314i Data Sheet (2 MB) Datenblatt
Innova 1403 产品资料 (693 KB) Datenblatt
Innova 1403 Data Sheet (658 KB) Datenblatt
Innova 1409 产品资料 (788 KB) Datenblatt
Innova 1409 Data Sheet (877 KB) Datenblatt
Innova 1512 产品资料 (846 KB) Datenblatt
Innova 1512 Data Sheet (2 MB) Datenblatt
Innova 3433i Data Sheet (2 MB) Datenblatt
Innova 3731 Data Sheet (2 MB) Datenblatt
Innova 7651 Advanced Data Sheet (688 KB) Datenblatt
Innova Gas Detection Limit Tables (9 MB) Datenblatt
LumaSoft Gas Multipoint Software 7880 Data Sheet (1 MB) Datenblatt
BZ7007 Remote and Offline Software Manual (2 MB) Handbuch
Innova 1314i Manual (9 MB) Handbuch
Innova 1403 Multipoint Sampler and Doser Manual (1 MB) Handbuch
Innova 1409 Multipoint Sampler BE6037 14 manual (889 KB) Handbuch
Innova 1512 Manual (8 MB) Handbuch
Innova BZ7002 Calibration Software Manual (1 MB) Handbuch
Innova BZ7003 Offline Software Manual (1010 KB) Handbuch
Innova BZ7007 Software Manual (2 MB) Handbuch
Innova Stand Alone Multipoint System Manual (801 KB) Handbuch
Innova UA1373 and UA1374 Analog/Relay Interface Module Manual (595 KB) Handbuch
Innova Ventilation Software 7651 Manual (4 MB) Handbuch
LumaSoft Software 7820 and 7880 Manual (8 MB) Handbuch
PAS Basic Ventilation Software 7650 Manual (2 MB) Handbuch
Innova 7650 Basic Software (263 MB .zip) (289 MB) Software
Innova BZ7002 Calibration Software (139 MB .zip) (140 MB) Software
Innova BZ7003 Offline Software (216 MB .zip) (217 MB) Software
Innova BZ7007 Software (217 MB .zip) (217 MB) Software


Innova LumaSoft Single Point 7820

Application Software for Single Channel Monitoring

Innova LumaSoft Multi Point 7880

Application Software to perform Gas Monitoring tasks in up to 24 locations

Innova BZ7003 Offline Software

Free version to set up the Gas Monitor without connecting it to a PC and to download gas monitor's data

Innova BZ7002 Calibration Software

Free version to calibrate the gas monitor connecting it to a PC and back-up of the calibration data

Innova 7650 Basic

Application Software for Ventilation and Air-Exchange Measurements

Innova BZ7007 Remote & Offline Software

BZ7007 Software is used during set-up and to retrieve data from a stand alone system where the gas monitor is used as the system controller


Calibration and Alignment

Advanced Energy has the tools and processes to ensure your equipment continues to meet its original specifications.  Our products are calibrated at global AE service sites with proprietary technology designed to exceed industry standards​.

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Our worldwide service centers provide fast cycle times, use only AE-qualified parts, and follow the original product's specifications and test procedures for the highest quality repair or calibration.

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Service Agreements

Reduce annual maintenance costs and simplify forecasting by building a custom service agreement into your annual operating plan. We have the capability, expertise, and capacity to provide repair services, upgrades, refurbishments, exchange, and other service offerings to support maintenance and use of AE Products. We offer multi-year contracts and provide faster turnaround time for covered products.

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Total Service Package

We offer customized service bundles that include calibration, alignment, and extended warranty. Services will include scheduled calibration with adjustment and repairs as needed. Any software/firmware upgrades are also made available for customers.

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