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Corporate Quality

Unequaled Standards

At Advanced Energy, quality is embedded in our processes — throughout the entire product life cycle. Our global quality management system facilitates transparency and consistency across the entire organization. All our manufacturing sites are certified to ISO standards that support the products being built, follow the same Quality Policy and use the same workmanship manuals and system-level procedures.

Quality Management System

Our policies and procedures are designed to provide you with optimal products and performance results. We continually review and update our processes based on industry standards, internal and third-party audits, your feedback, and continuous improvement programs (CIPs). 

Learn more about our processes below. 

Customer Focus

We evaluate your product quality metrics, priorities, product use, and scorecard criteria. We then devise and implement quality systems and processes more specifically tailored to your manufacturing environment.

Product Development Process

We define and implement strict guidelines and high standards for product development. These include design-for-reliability (DFR) and design-for-manufacturability (DFM) methods.

Operations Quality System

Advanced Energy refines and continuously improves our operations. The same system level and workmanship documents are used at each location to ensure high quality and consistent results.

Post Delivery

Driven by customer feedback and years of experience, our service guidelines are developed with a firm customer focus. All service sites utilize the same system level and workmanship documents.

Closed-Loop, Corrective Action Process

We implement progressive reviews and continuous improvement programs to ensure product reliability, quality, and process efficiencies. We identify root causes and eliminate repeat issues.