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Acquired Technologies

At Advanced Energy, we're dedicated to bringing you the latest technologies and most reliable products. We grow our team and business based on your needs and requirements — both present and future. Each technology we integrate into our portfolio is strategically chosen to streamline your application processes and simplify your innovation.

You make innovation exciting. We make it easy.

SL Power

Advanced Energy acquired SL Power, a global leader in designing and manufacturing AC/DC power conversion solutions used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Products include standard, modified, and completely custom turnkey solutions that are optimized for thermal management, reliability, EMI/EMC, power density, and power efficiency.


Advanced Energy strengthened its leadership in RF process power solutions with the acquisition of Tegam in 2021. Tegam's industry-leading metrology and calibration technologies contribute to the precise control and repeatability of RF power delivery in plasma etch and deposition processes.

Versatile Power

Advanced Energy expanded its presence in the growing medical market with the acquisition of Versatile Power in 2021. Versatile Power's field-proven low power RF technology and programmable power supplies are highly used in therapeutic applications.

Artesyn Embedded Power

Artesyn Embedded Power joined Advanced Energy in 2019. Artesyn's highly reliable embedded power conversion solutions are optimal for the most demanding applications, including hyper-scale data centers, 5G network telecom infrastructures, industrial power and medical applications.


Advanced Energy acquired LumaSense Technologies Holdings, Inc. in 2018. This expanded Advanced Energy’s portfolio of photonics-based measurement and monitoring solutions. The solutions showcase proven Impac pyrometers and Mikron thermal imagers for thermal processing applications as well as Innova and Andros gas sensors and monitors.

Monroe Electronics

Advanced Energy acquired Monroe Electronics, Inc. in 2018. Monroe’s industry-leading electrostatic detection and measurement products provide reliable solutions for ionization system testing and monitoring. The line offers both non-contact electrostatic voltmeters and fieldmeters.


Advanced Energy acquired Trek in 2018. The Trek product line includes high-voltage amplifiers, power supplies and generators, electrostatic measurement instruments, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensors and monitors. The tools are excellent for semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, PV solar, and test and measurement applications.


In 2017, the Excelsys Holdings Limited team joined Advanced Energy and expanded Advanced Energy’s comprehensive portfolio to include low voltage solutions. The low voltage product line features modular and user-configurable power supplies, including the fanless Coolx series. The products are ideal for medical, life science, industrial, and harsh-environmental applications.


UltraVolt, Inc. joined the Advanced Energy family in 2014. The UltraVolt product line offers high voltage power supplies and modules ranging from benchtop and rack mount systems to microsize PCB-mount modules. Over 1500 of DC-to-DC models can be combined with accessories and options to create thousands of product configurations.


The HiTek Power Group and Advanced Energy joined forces in 2014. The HiTek product line offers high voltage and custom-built power supplies ranging from 100V to 500 kV. HiTek power supplies are built for optimal performance in semiconductor wafer processing, analytical instrumentation, and mass spectrometry applications.


In 2000, the Sekidenko team joined Advanced Energy. The Sekidenko product line features industry-leading temperature measurement solutions. Its optical fiber thermometers are ideal for temperature measurement of semiconductor wafers during manufacturing processes.