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Advanced Energy stands at the forefront of electroporation power supply solutions, designed to meet the needs of high-energy pulsers, amplifiers, and discharge devices with large capacitance. Our power supplies ensure precise and robust pulse generation crucial for successful electroporation. They seamlessly integrate with amplifiers, enhancing their efficiency and precision, critical for maintaining cell integrity. Additionally, these power supplies handle high-capacity discharge devices for efficient energy release and can sustain fast repetition rates and high current loads.
Electroporation can be either reversible or irreversible based on the pulse strength and duration and the target tissue threshold. Both reversible and irreversible electroporation have exciting clinical applications. As might be expected for any application that requires precise and accurate control of high-voltage pulses, electroporation equipment has demanding power requirements such as flexibility, high-voltage, rapid ramp-up time constant, stability, repeatability, and reliability.

Advanced Energy's power supplies are a preferred choice for their reliability and performance in the demanding field of electroporation. Our extensive experience in electroporation and PEF applications allows us to provide engineering support that includes flexible adjustments to meet the needs of the such application.

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