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As nanotechnology continues to advance, the demand for compact, high-resolution, improved reliability, and easy-to-use scanning electron microscopes (SEM) is increasing. Elevate the performance and quality of your entire system with Advanced Energy’s high-voltage power supplies. Reduced tool sizes drives the next-generation SEM requirements, making older, larger, and lower-performing power supply technologies no longer practical options. Reduce your power supply footprint while still providing high accuracy and low-ripple performance with our small-footprint module or 19-inch rack-mounted options across applications, including  inspection, material and biological sciences, and forensics.

In the world of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), where precision and high resolution are paramount, Advanced Energy's power supplies offer unparalleled performance and quality. These high voltage power supplies, serving as mission-critical components of SEMs, power various elements such as accelerators, extractors, suppressors, and heaters. Advanced Energy’s power supplies are built to deliver high-accuracy, low-ripple performance, directly impacting the core functionalities and resolution capabilities of SEM systems.

The rapidly evolving field of electron microscopy imposes heightened customer expectations, including enhanced resolution, minimized tool sizes, boosted reliability, and user-friendly SEMs. As an SEM manufacturer, it becomes imperative to improve system designs, introduce easy-to-use graphical interfaces, and decrease the footprint of your power supply. Traditional, large-scale, lower-performing power supply technologies are inadequate to cater to these next-generation SEM demands and inhibit product differentiation. Recognizing this challenge, Advanced Energy’s power supplies supports higher resolution, improves reliability, simplifies communication, and significantly shrinks the physical footprint of the power supply. 

Powering life science and power requirements for SEM.

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