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De-mystifying How to Make the Right High Voltage Power Supply Selection

Veröffentlicht März 07, 2018 von Advanced Energy Editor

Choosing the right high voltage power supply (HVPS) for an application can often be a complex task. In many cases, a holistic view of the system architecture needs to be taken into consideration during design, and any number of end-product requirements can influence the performance and operation of the supply performance.

Power supply manufacturers often can be hesitant to reveal the real performance of their products – keeping what’s happening inside their “black box” mysteriously vague – to protect their intellectual property and competitive differentiation. The problem with this position is that design teams need to have full, transparent insight into the performance aspects of the power supply and use this insight to make an informed choice for their application.

With this dichotomy in mind, we’ve put together a best practice guide to help engineers and high voltage system designers demystify the “black box” of HVPS modules.  It is intended to be an impartial, transparent view into the selection process for an HVPS as well as give guidance on how lead engineers can find the ideal supply for their application.

So, what is this Guide?

The guide is made up of a comprehensive set of questions, focused on key power supply topics, that will give users a better understanding of the real performance of the power supplies that they are considering – any vendor should be able to give precise, clear answers to these questions. Armed with the answers needed, designers can avoid the unnecessary delays, increased development costs and slower times-to-market that come from making the wrong (less informed) choice.

So, with all this said, the question now becomes, “If you can’t get answers to all the questions you need answers to from your supplier, shouldn’t you be talking to a supplier that can…?”

Contact Advanced Energy or download your free copy of the High Voltage Power Supply Selection Guide.

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