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350 W Digital Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter

Advanced Energy's Artesyn LGA110D power supply features a 7.5 to 14 VDC input voltage range and 350 W output power rating. It is a new design of high performance non-isolated DC-DC converter focused at providing low-voltage and high current power conversion in a unit that can be used in multiple different modes and combinations. The unit has a 2-phase design which can be employed separately creating 2 output voltages, or they can be combined to create a single output voltage. Up to 4 modules can be used in such a way resulting in a single output of up to 440 A being created from 1 part number. The operational features include remote On/Off, variable output voltage as well as overcurrent protection, over-voltage protection, and over-temperature protection with control functions being provided by either pin-strap resistors or PMBus control for digital communications.


  • 2 phase design
  • Exceptional power density; 220A/sqinch
  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • IPC9592B compliant
  • Possible to stack up to 4 for 440A
  • Small size: 27.5mm * 12.8mm * 13.4mm
  • Stacked module array (up to 4 units) with any combination of phase
  • Support 1 to 8 phases of multiphase configuration up to 40 combinations with 1 to 4 modules
  • Input voltage 7.5V to 14V
  • Output 110A Single O/P config
  • Output 55A per channel in Dual O/P config
  • Power 350W
  • Output voltage 0.5V to 5.2V
  • Mechncial dimension 27mm by 12.8mm by 14mm
  • Efficiency 96.5% max peak efficiency
  • Switching Frequncy 457Khz per phase
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Ambient Temperature -40 to +85degC


  • Analogue or Digital control
  • Automatic loop compensation
  • Blockpin termination
  • configurations
  • DUAL OR SINGLE output configuration possible
  • Imon and Tmon supported
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Reflow compatible
  • Tape and reel packaging
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Control Resistor control and configuration
  • Control Digital control by PMBus
  • Isolation Non-isolated
  • Mechanical mounting Surface mount reflow compatible
  • Packaging Tape-and-reel packaging


Ausgangsleistung (W): 350
Länge (Zoll): 1
Breite (Zoll): 0.5
Höhe (Zoll): 0.5
Montage Typ: BMP; SMT
Minimaler Ausgangsstrom (A): 0
Maximaler Ausgangsstrom (A): 110
Ausgangsspannungsbereich (V): 0.5V to 5.2V
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Modellnummer Wirkungsgrad (%) Min. Spannung (V) Max. Spannung (V) Stromstärke (A) Nennspannung (V) Anzahl der Ausgänge Proben Kaufen
LGA110D-01DADJJ Aktiv, Vorrätig
110 Amp Digital PoL
0.5 5.2 55 1.8 2 Anfrage Kaufen
LGA110D-01DADJJB Aktiv, Vorrätig
110 Amp Digital PoL
96 0.6 5.2 55 1.8 2 Anfrage Kaufen

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