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Impac 8 pro Series


Fast and robust portable digital pyrometers for measurements on metals, pouring streams and ceramics. Temperature ranges between 250 and 2500 °C.

Impac® series 8 pro pyrometers are top-tier, battery-powered, portable devices for non-contact temperature measurement. Leveraging the power of full digital processing, they offer broad temperature ranges and heightened accuracy, enabling immediate on-site analysis of measurement results. The Impac IS 8 pro, designed for high temperatures, operates within two temperature ranges, from 600 to 2500 °C. The Impac IGA 8 pro, on the other hand, is ideal for medium temperatures with a range from 250 to 1600 °C. Additionally, the Impac IS 8-GS pro has been specifically engineered for use in foundries.


  • Very robust aluminum die-cast housing for use in harsh environments
  • Focusable precision optics for adjusting to the smallest spot sizes
  • Temperature display on the housing, in the viewfinder and on the multifunctional display
  • Integrated maximum value storage to determine the peak value achieved during a measuring series
  • USB interface for using the optional analyzing software PortaWin


  • Use daily in rough industrial conditions
  • Easily adjust to small spot sizes
  • Enable short response times (1 ms) for exact measurement of fast-moving objects
  • Store large amounts of measuring data for subsequent analysis


Betriebstemperaturbereich (°C): 250 and 2500 °C (5 ranges in between)
Spektralbereich (µm): 0.55 and 1.8 (3 ranges in between)
Messunsicherheit (°C): 0.4% oR + 1 °C
Optik (mm): Focusable optics
FOV (minimale Punktgröße) (mmm): Min 500:1 (1)
Ausrichten / Sichten: Through-lens sighting
Schnittstelle / Ausgang (mA): USB
Belichtungszeit t90 (ms): 1 ms
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Modellnummer Ausgangstyp Optik Ausrichtung Reaktionszeit Min. Temperatur (°C) Max. Temperatur (°C) Anwendungen Proben Kaufen
3 807 300 USB Focusable Viewfinder 1 600 1800 Metal / Ceramics / Graphite Kontakt Kaufen
3 807 310 USB Focusable Viewfinder 1 750 2500 Metal / Ceramics / Graphite Kontakt Kaufen
3 807 350 USB Focusable Viewfinder 1 250 1600 Metal / Ceramics / Graphite Kontakt Kaufen
3 807 380 USB Focusable Viewfinder 500 1000 2000 Pouring Streams Kontakt Kaufen
3 807 410 USB Focusable Viewfinder 1 280 2000 Metal / Ceramics / Graphite Kontakt Kaufen


Impac Other Electrical

Other Electrical Accessories Compatible With Impac Pyrometers

Impac PortaWin Software

Portable Pyrometer Analyzing Software (Series 8 and Series 15) Supplementary downloads only; contact sales for software


Calibration and Alignment

Advanced Energy has the tools and processes to ensure your equipment continues to meet its original specifications.  Our products are calibrated at global AE service sites with proprietary technology designed to exceed industry standards​.

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Our worldwide service centers provide fast cycle times, use only AE-qualified parts, and follow the original product's specifications and test procedures for the highest quality repair or calibration.

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Service Agreements

Reduce annual maintenance costs and simplify forecasting by building a custom service agreement into your annual operating plan. We have the capability, expertise, and capacity to provide repair services, upgrades, refurbishments, exchange, and other service offerings to support maintenance and use of AE Products. We offer multi-year contracts and provide faster turnaround time for covered products.

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Total Service Package

We offer customized service bundles that include calibration, alignment, and extended warranty. Services will include scheduled calibration with adjustment and repairs as needed. Any software/firmware upgrades are also made available for customers.

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