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Ascent AMS


Stable Power Delivery for Extreme Arc Conditions and Highly Repeatable Films

As manufacturing techniques advance, new materials and cathode designs pose greater challenges to process stability and film repeatability. Ascent® AMS power supplies deliver stable, repeatable power, regardless of process material or cathode design. The AMS provides advanced arc management, allowing maximum power delivery with faster recovery to process. Extreme fast recovery also means extremely low energy delivered through arcs, preventing substrate damage. For high power applications, the Ascent AMS can be used in primary/secondary configuration. Common applications include output configurations over 100 kW. However, the combined water/air cooling design keeps the generator footprint to a minimum.



  • Arc Management System™ (AMS) technology — customer pre-sets for metal and ceramic targets
  • Set Point Compensation™ technology
  • Arc Sync® technology — primary/secondary up to 12 units
  • Ethernet, EtherCAT®, DeviceNet®, Profibus, RS-232/485, Ethernet/IP, and analog communications


  • Obtain high film quality and throughput
  • Reduce film, substrate, and equipment damage
  • Achieve stable throughput and power delivery under extreme arcing conditions
  • Easily integrate and control


Kühlung: Hybrid (air and water)
Ausgangsfrequenz (MHz, kHz): 0.5 to 5 kHz
Eingangsspannung (V): 400, 440, 480 VAC
Leistungsstufe (kW): 30 to 60 kW
Rack Breite: Full rack
Höhe (Zoll): 6U
Ausgangsspannungsbereich (V): 400-1000 V
Kommunikationsschnittstelle: Ethernet, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Profibus, RS-232/485, EtherNet/IP, and analog communications
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Field services and On-Site Training

Our field service engineers are available to support your on-site needs. We can properly secure and mount products, hook up your electrical connections, validate alignment and calibrate, and test to your specifications.


Power your process with data using PowerInsight by Advanced Energy™, transforming data into actionable intelligence with advanced analytics and machine learning, enabling you to improve yield and reduce unplanned downtime.

Service Agreements

Reduce annual maintenance costs and simplify forecasting by building a custom service agreement into your annual operating plan. We have the capability, expertise, and capacity to provide repair services, upgrades, refurbishments, exchange, and other service offerings to support maintenance and use of AE Products. We offer multi-year contracts and provide faster turnaround time for covered products.

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Total Service Package

We offer customized service bundles that include calibration, alignment, and extended warranty. Services will include scheduled calibration with adjustment and repairs as needed. Any software/firmware upgrades are also made available for customers.

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