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MV2000 Series


High-Performance, Rack-Mount, 2 kW Medium Voltage Power Supplies

The custom-only MV2000 series high-performance, medium-output voltage power supplies can be designed to suit a wide variety of general-purpose applications. Use for component testing, heaters, magnets, battery management, ion implantation, and automated testing. Easily configure parallel/series unit operation to provide higher output power levels — adjust for specific applications or provide n+1 redundancy. You select your interface design, isolation (up to 1kVDC), and digital control (RS232). If you're looking for flexibility, the built-to-order MV2000 series is the right solution for your industrial power supply needs.


  • High packing density — 2 kW in 1U rack-mounted chassis
  • Efficient and reliable operation, with high stability
  • Parallel connected power supply option enables 20 to 100 kW max output power
  • Active power factor correction
  • Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) and RoHS compliance (to 2011/65/EU) requirements


  • Enable significant rack space saving with compact construction
  • Benefit from exceptional reliability; the MV2000 is ideal for 24 x 7 production processes
  • Customize output power for unique application needs
  • Save space without affecting performance via front-to-rear cooling


Ausgangsleistung (W): 2000
Restwelligkeit (ppm): <1000
Maximaler Ausgangsstrom (A): 100
Ausgangsstrombereich (mA): 6500, 100000
Ausgangsspannungsbereich (V): 10 to 300

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Model MV2000 Series MV3000 Series
Ausgangsleistung (W) 2000 3000
Restwelligkeit (ppm) <1000 <1000
Ausgangsspannungsbereich (V) 10 to 300 100 to 300

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