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100 A & 120 A PSA Main DC-DC Converter

Advanced Energy’s Artesyn ADC100M-04 is a Direct Conversion PSA main unit. With the ever increasing power demands of server processors and associated memory devices, new power conversion design approaches need to be considered both at system and server level. The solution to achieve the high power required is to move to a 48 V system with the power conversion design approaches of either distributed power conversion, or direct power conversion employed in the server. ADC100 series follow Power Stamp Alliance’s standard product footprint and functions that provide a standard modular board-mounted solution for power conversion for 48 Vin / 54 Vin to low voltage, high current applications.


  • VR13 / VR13.HC compliant
  • Input range: 40V ~ 60V
  • Delivers up to 120A output current
  • Ultra-high efficiency 91%
  • Moisture sensitivity: level 3 standard <JEDEC J-STD-033C>
  • RoHS 3.0(2011/65/EU)
  • Direct conversion from 48V or 54V bus
  • Input voltage 40V - 60 Vdc
  • Output voltage 0.8V - 1.1 V
  • I/O Isolation 500VDC


  • PMBus® with configurable AVS or Intel SVID interface
  • Parallelable with automatic phase shedding
  • Secondary side fully digital control
  • VR_Ready
  • Thermal warming
  • Isolated power train
  • Source and sink mode for fast transient response
  • Flat efficiency curve over wide load ranges
  • Industry-standard SMT package
  • Reference designs for selected applications
  • Remote control function
  • Input under-voltage protection
  • Input over-voltage protection
  • Output over current protection
  • Output over-voltage protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • High-performance computing
  • Servers, storage, and data processing
  • Enable Logic Positive enable
  • I/O Insulation Functional insulation
  • Communication PMbus
  • Communication SVID provided.
  • Mechanical PSA stamp compliant
  • Mechanical SMT mounted
  • Transient Load Very fast transient load supported


Ausgangsleistung (W): 120 to 180
Betriebstemperatur (°C): 0 to +55
Länge (Zoll): 1.181
Breite (Zoll): 0.5
Höhe (Zoll): 0.67
Montage Typ: Surface Mount
Maximaler Ausgangsstrom (A): -04J variant: 120
-04Y variant: 100
Ausgangsspannungsbereich (V): -04Jariant: 1.0
-04Yariant: 1.8
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Modellnummer Min. Spannung (V) Max. Spannung (V) Stromstärke (A) Proben Kaufen
1.0V O/P 120A Main
0.8 1.1 120 Kontakt Kaufen
1.8V output 100A PSA
1.6 2 100 Kontakt Kaufen
1.0V O/P 120A Satellite
0.8 1.1 120 Kontakt Kaufen
1.8V output 100A PSA
1.6 2 100 Kontakt Kaufen

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