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Sekidenko OR400M


Single-Channel Temperature Measurement Capability with Selectable/Fixed Emissivity

Advanced Energy’s OR400M Optical Pyrometer extends the flexibility of the Sekidenko product family into the mid-IR wavelength range, from 3.3 to 5.2 µm. The OR400M offers a single-channel temperature measurement capability for thin-film solar, glass, and advanced semiconductor processes. The OR400M supports RS-232 and analog data interfaces. Because of its compact design, the OR400M can easily meet small-footprint requirements of many process applications.


  • Non-contact temperature measurement employing lensed optical sensors
  • Automatic ambient thermal correction
  • Industry-leading temperature and read rates
  • Highly flexible, module-based platform architecture
  • Full I/O and external trigger/synchronization suite


  • Improves temperature measurement accuracy for critical processes
  • Enhances repeatability and minimizes variation
  • Increases productivity, yield, and throughput
  • Increases stability and reliability across multiple chambers and substrate materials


Betriebstemperaturbereich (°C): 50 to 1300
Spektralbereich (µm): 3.3 to 5,2
Schnittstelle / Ausgang (mA): RS-232 at up to 115 kB
Genauigkeit: ±3 °C
Gewicht (kg): 0.39
Wellenlängen-Wiederholbarkeit (pm): ±0.1

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