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Luxtron M900


Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing for Medical and Semiconductor OEMs Between -100 to 330ºC

The Luxtron M900 series FluorOptic® Thermometry (FOT) solutions comprise fiber-optic temperature sensors designed to provide precise and repeatable in-situ temperature measurements for control of processes involving RF, EMI, magnetic fields, and high voltages. OEM solutions m920 for semiconductor fab applications and m924 for medical MRI and implantable device testing, comprise an electronics assembly module and probes purchased separately. The m924 utility is a board well suited to fiber-optic transformer winding hotspot and temperature monitoring. All model options offer communication via ASCII (RS232) and Modbus (RS485) with the model range offering a choice between module and board form factors, and two and four channels. All systems feature built-in calibration tables for Advanced Energy’s probes to achieve accuracies as high as ±0.1 °C.


  • Two or four channels, expandable up to 64 with RS485 Modbus
  • Single PCB design with options for analog output and metal enclosure
  • Proven Luxtron Fluoroptic STB, STF and STS probes, immune to electromagnetic interference, such as high voltage, RF, plasma, and microwave
  • Backward compatibility with Luxtron m600 series OEM module, FOT Lab Kit, and Luxtron Fluoroptic Probes
  • Custom probes available for unique applications


  • Easily integrate into OEM equipment
  • Achieve high accuracy and a high temperature range for different etching and wafer fab processes
  • Utilize experienced application support and custom probes for medical and general purpose applications
  • Achieve better performance and a modern architecture
  • Take advantage of high reliability for low failure rates
  • Measure temperature on minute samples without perturbing or heat sinking the sample
  • Receive support from experienced applications engineers to customize probes for medical and general purpose applications


Betriebstemperaturbereich (°C): 0 to 60
Anzahl von Kanälen: 4 to 64
Genauigkeit: ±0.5 to ± 0.1 °C
Rauschen (°C): < 0.1 °C
Messrate (Hz): 1 to 50
Kommunikationsschnittstelle: RS232, RS485
Ablesegeschwindigkeit (Hz): 1 to 50 Hz
Anzahl der Sensoren: 1
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Luxtron Fiber Optic Probes

Patented Fluoroptic Probes that are Chemically Resistant and Immune to Electromagnetic Interference

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