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Mikron M390


Ultra-fast Blackbody Calibration Sources, 300 to 3000°C

The Mikron® M390 blackbody calibration source prvides industry leading temperature ramp rates, temperature range and target emissivity. The M390 standard 25 mm (1 in) graphite cavity target tube and has an effective emissivity of 1.0 from 0.65 to 1.8 µm. M390 target temperature is sensed by a rapid response infrared thermometer and regulated by PID controller which maintains target temperature at precise levels. The M390 controller is mounted on the calibration source and remote set point programming is available via the standard RS232 communication port.


  • PID controller regulates target temperature precisely to desired value
  • Remote calibration set point control via RS232
  • ±0.25% of reading ±1°C
  • High effective emissivity of 1.0 between 0.65 to 1.8 µm
  • Furnished with certification of calibration traceable to NIST


  • Quickly stabilize at your required temperature
  • Achieve high accuracy and repeatability
  • Rapidly warm up and cool down—only 5 minutes from ambient to 2300°C
  • Easily access all safety features
  • Meet rigid quality control standards


Messunsicherheit (°C): 2 ±0.25% of reading ±1 °C
Schnittstelle / Ausgang (mA): RS232, RS485
Umgebungstemperatur (°C): 0 to 44
Stabilität: ±1 °C
Beheizter Emitter Form: 25 mm

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