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Mikron M310-HT


Portable, Compact Low Temperature Blackbody Calibration Source with a Large Surface Area, Ambient +5 to 450°C

The Mikron® Calibration Source M310-HT is a portable blackbody calibration source utilizing a digital indicating temperature controller that may be set to any temperature between ambient +5 to 450°C (+9 to 842°F). A precision RTD temperature sensor is embedded in the blackbody emitter, providing high accuracy and repeatability. The temperature controller uses industry-standard PID algorithms to control the emitter temperature to within 0.3°C of the set points. The blackbody emitter mechanism uses a resistive heating device that provides long life, short stabilization times, and stable temperature control.


  • High effective emissivity 1.00 at 8 to 14 µm
  • Large aperture (3” diameter)
  • Excellent stability ±0.3°C per 8-hour period
  • Furnished with a certificate of calibration traceable to NIST
  • RS232 serial communication included


  • Ensure fast heat-up times and high temperature stability
  • Easily change temperature set points by pressing the up or down arrow buttons on the controller
  • Experience a long life, short stabilization times, and stable temperature control
  • Achieve high accuracy and repeatability
  • Guarantee the quality of your calibration source


Messunsicherheit (°C): 0.25% of reading ±1°C
Schnittstelle / Ausgang (mA): RS232
Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit: 90
CE-Kennzeichnung: CE-Label
Temperaturbereich des Geräteausgangs (°C): 5 to 450 °C
Stabilität: 0.3°C per 8-hour period
Beheizter Emitter Form: 76 mm

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