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240 W (60 A) Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters

The SIL60C2 series 60 A non-isolated DC-DC converter is designed for cost- and space-sensitive applications. It is available in a through-hole vertically mounting configuration with dual rows of pins. The converter accepts a wide range 4.5 to 13.8 VDC input and provides an output that is adjustable from 0.8 to 4.0 VDC to accommodate a wide variety of silicon power needs. Rated at 240 W, the SIL60C2 is capable of delivering up to 60 A; it has a typical efficiency of 89% and no minimum load requirement. Standard features include differential remote sense, remote On/Off and remote ‘power good’ indication. This converter also supports phase shedding to save power under light load conditions, and its output voltage can be adjusted to within 1% by a 2-bit VID signal.


  • 2 bit VID adjustable output voltage
  • Operating ambient temp up to +70°C with suitable derating and forced air cooling
  • 0 A minimum load
  • EU directive 2002/95/EC compliant for RoHS


  • Phase shedding for power saving during light loads
  • High power density design means reduced board space requirement
  • Power good output signal
  • Remote ON/OFF (active high)
  • Input under-voltage lockout


Ausgangsleistung (W): 240
Länge (Zoll): 1.98
Breite (Zoll): 0.78
Höhe (Zoll): 0.54
Montage Typ: BMP; Through Hole
Minimaler Ausgangsstrom (A): 0
Maximaler Ausgangsstrom (A): 60
Ausgangsspannungsbereich (V): 0.8V to 4V
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Modellnummer Min. Spannung (V) Max. Spannung (V) Stromstärke (A) Nennspannung (V) Anzahl der Ausgänge Proben Kaufen
SIL60C2-00SADJ-VDJ Aktiv, Vorrätig 1.2 4 60 1.2 1 Anfrage Kaufen

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