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12 V 600 W 1/4 Brick

The ADQ600 series quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converter produces a single fully regulated 12 V output. Rated at 600 W, the converter can deliver up to 50 A output current and has no minimum load requirement. It has an input voltage range of 40 to 60 V and is primarily designed for use with standard 48 V supplies in computing and server applications, as well as regulated 48 V supplies in telecommunications equipment. ADQ600 series converters have an ultra high efficiency of typically 95.6% at full load and can operate over an ambient temperature range of -40 to 85˚C, making them an ideal choice for the isolated converter in a distributed power architecture supplying power to non-isolated converters.


  • Delivering up to 50A output
  • Pin length option: 3.8mm
  • RoHS 6 compliant
  • Ultrahigh efficiency 95.6% typ. at full load
  • Wide input range: 40V ~ 60V
  • Input voltage 40Vdc to 60Vdc
  • Output 12V version 12V at 50A
  • Output 10V version 10V at 63A
  • Output Power 600W
  • Isolation 1500Vdc
  • Mechanical 1/4 brick


  • Basic isolation
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High power density
  • Industry standard quarterbrick pinout outline
  • Input under voltage lockout
  • Low output noise
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Openframe and baseplated
  • Output over current protection
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Remote control function (negative logic)
  • Remote enable negative enable
  • Insulation Basic insulation
  • Mechanical Open frame
  • Mechanical Baseplate


출력 전력(W): 600
길이(인치): 2.3
너비(인치): 1.45
높이(인치): 0.4
마운팅 유형: BMP; Through Hole
최소 출력 전류(A): 0
최대 출력 전류(A): 63
출력 전압 범위(V): 10V to 12V
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재고 확인

모델 번호 최소. 전압(V) 최대. 전압(V) 전류(A) 공칭 전압(V) 출력 개수 샘플 구매
ADQ600-48S10-4L 활성, 재고 있음
600W 10V 1/4 Brick
10 10 63 10 1 요청 구매
ADQ600-48S10B-4L 활성, 재고 있음
600W 10V 1/4 Brick
10 10 63 10 1 요청 구매
600W 12V 1/4 brick
12 12 50 12 1 문의하기 구매
ADQ600-48S12B-6L 활성, 재고 있음
600W 12V 1/4 brick
12 12 50 12 1 요청 구매

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