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UFE1300/2000 / UFR6000

Not for New Designs

1300 to 2000 W Front End AC-DC Power Supplies

The UFE series of bulk front end AC-DC power supplies comprises one single output 24 V model and six single output 48 V models. The 24 V model accepts a wide range 90 to 264 VAC input and is rated at 1,300 W. The 48 V models are available with a choice of 90 to 264 VAC input and 1,300 W output ratings, or 180 to 264 VAC input and 2000 W output. All models also provide an 11 V standby output. The main output is floating as well as isolated, allowing positive or negative polarity operation. Standard features include built-in ORing devices and active current sharing. Less than 1U high, UFE series power supplies are ideal for telecommunications, data communications and industrial applications.

Up to three UFE series power supplies can be contained within a UFR series 1U rack-mounting shelf unit to provide up to 6 KW of available power or up to 4 KW of redundant power. For extremely high power applications, as many as six UFR shelf units can be stacked to provide up to 36 KW of bulk DC power.

This digitally-controlled power supply is PMBus® compliant. A built-in I2C serial interface allows set-up, monitoring and control to be performed using Advanced Energy's universal PMBus graphical user interface.


  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • Active AC Inrush limit Control
  • High Density (22 W/cu-in)
  • UFR rack allows for 6 Kw in a 1U 19" form factor
  • High Efficiency up to 91%
  • No Min Load required
  • Standard 11.0 V at 2.8 W standby voltage
  • Hot Plug Operation
  • Active or Droop current sharing
  • Smart Fan Speed control
  • PMBus or IPMI compliant with I2C interface


출력 전력(W): 2000
길이(인치): 10.74
너비(인치): 5.56
높이(인치): 1.6
마운팅 유형: Rack-mount
최소 출력 전류(A): 0
최대 출력 전류(A): 48
출력 전압 범위(V): 21V to 57V
모든 사양 사양 축소

재고 확인

모델 번호 최소. 전압(V) 최대. 전압(V) 전류(A) 공칭 전압(V) 출력 개수 샘플 구매
UFE2000-9 42 57 41 48 1 문의하기 구매
UFR6000 21 57 144 24 1 문의하기 구매


Universal PMBus GUI Software Package

The all new universal PMBus GUI software package provides power engineers with a simple – yet functionally powerful – user interface that delivers world-class control flexibility over their digitally controlled power conversion products.

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