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ADN-C Single Phase


Din Rail Mounting Single-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies

The ADN-C series of single-phase DIN rail mounting AC-DC power supplies provides a compact, efficient and easy-to-use solution for industrial applications. Their slim form factor helps to maximize per-rail power density and front panel status LEDs facilitate diagnostics and troubleshooting. Features include active PFC, adjustable output, overvoltage with auto protection, parallel operation capability, and a five year warranty. This DIN rail power supply series is perfect for applications such as machine control, process control, conveying equipment, material handling, vending machines, and packaging equipment, as well as test and measurement and gaming applications.


  • Frequency 47-67 Hz, 400 Hz
  • Active PFC > 0.92
  • Input Range 85-264 VAC, 90-375 VDC
  • Inrush Current up to < 15 A
  • Initial Voltage Setting 24.5 VDC
  • PowerBoost 1.5x nominal current for 4 seconds
  • Line and load regulation < 0.5%
  • Voltage 24 VDC (22.5 to 28.5 VDC Adj)
  • OVP > 30.5 VDC but < 33 VDC with autorecovery
  • Hold-up time > 20ms
  • Time and Temperature drift < 1%


출력 전력(W): 960
길이(인치): 4.37
너비(인치): 1.97
높이(인치): 4.85
마운팅 유형: Din Rail
최소 출력 전류(A): 0
최대 출력 전류(A): 40
출력 전압 범위(V): 22.5V to 28.5V
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재고 확인

모델 번호 최소. 전압(V) 최대. 전압(V) 전류(A) 공칭 전압(V) 출력 개수 샘플 구매
ADN10-24-1PM-C 활성, 재고 있음
22.5 24 10 24 1 요청 구매
ADN20-24-1PM-C 활성, 재고 있음
24 24 20 24 1 요청 구매
ADN40-24-1PM-C 활성, 재고 있음
22.5 28.5 40 24 1 요청 구매
ADN5-24-1PM-C 활성, 재고 있음
22.5 24 5 24 1 요청 구매

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