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AV Stage

Advanced Energy’s power conversion solutions are used by leading manufacturers of professional lighting systems. A diverse range of output voltages, form factors, performance and configurations can easily satisfy unique electrical and mechanical requirements. 

Shine a Spotlight on Your Performance with Advanced Energy's AV Stage Lighting Control Solutions

The right motion picture, stage, and studio equipment can truly animate a performance, infusing it with atmosphere and drama. Crucial to this effect are innovative lighting solutions, which when paired with precise control systems, become indispensable. A growing trend within this industry is the adoption of LEDs in these luminaires. Offering superior efficiency and a longer lifespan than traditional lightbulbs, LEDs are fast becoming the lighting solution of choice.

Advanced Energy's AV Stage Lighting Control products serve as the backbone of live audio-visual presentations, offering reliable and clean power for stage lights and other visual elements. Designed to function optimally even in harsh environments, our broad range of AC-DC power supplies ensures constant power delivery.

Our product lineup includes the Artesyn 1200W AC-DC Conduction Cooled LCC1200 Series and the 300W AC-DC LCM300 Series, among others. Each of these power supplies integrates seamlessly into existing systems due to their industry-standard form factors, while offering high levels of efficiency and reliability. Additionally, our lower power AC-DC solutions cater specifically to AV stage lighting control applications, thus providing a complete range of power solutions for OEMs and system integrators.

Trust in Advanced Energy's AV Stage Lighting Control products for powering your audio-visual presentations. From conduction-cooled to bulk power supplies, our portfolio is designed to deliver uninterrupted experiences, incorporating the latest technology and features for ultimate reliability and efficiency.