AIF06ZPFC | Advanced Energy



2400 W Full Brick PFC Converter

The 2.4 kW AIF06ZPFC series power factor correction module presents a unity power factor from an 85 to 264 VAC input and delivers a high 97.3% conversion efficiency and nominal non-isolated output of 400 VDC. The series features monitoring, protection, and adjustment facilities, a built-in PMBus® interface, internal memory, and internal inrush limiting. Accurate current sharing allows paralleling and a thermal base plate allows a baseplate operating temperature range of -20 to +100℃ with startup from as low as -40℃. Featuring an encapsulated standard 2.4 x 4.6-inch (61 x 116.8 mm) full-brick form factor and an installed height of 0.55 inches (13.7 mm), the series has a power density of 395 W/inch³ (24.1 W/cm³). Insulator-sheet and EMI-shield options are available.


  • Input range 85 - 264Vac
  • Output current 6 Amps maximum
  • Output Voltage 400Vdc nominal
  • Output power 1,400W between 85Vac and 180Vac
  • Output load regulation 1% Vout load regulation
  • Output power 2,200W between 180Vac and 200Vac
  • Output power 2400W between 200Vac and 264Vac
  • Mechanical 2.4 by 4.6 inch full brick
  • Inrush current limit Function provided internal to the AIF06
  • Parrallel module -01L can be used with 1 or 2 modules
  • Parallel module can be used with 3 to 10 modules


  • Enable function Positive or negative enable variants
  • Isolation Non-isolated.
  • Control PMBus interface provided.


出力電力 (W): 2400
入力電圧 (V): 85 to 264
動作温度 (°C): -40 to +100
長さ(インチ): 4.6
幅(インチ): 2.4
高さ(インチ): 0.55
マウントタイプ: BMP; Through Hole
最小出力電流 (A): 0
すべての仕様 仕様の崩壊


モデル番号 最小電圧 (V) 最大最大電圧 (V) 電流 (A) 公称電圧 (V) 出力数 サンプル 購入
AIF06ZPFC-01L アクティブ, 在庫あり
2,400W PFC full brick
330 408 6 400 1 リクエスト 購入
AIF06ZPFC-01NTL 330 408 6 380 1 お問い合わせ 購入
AIF06ZPFC-02L アクティブ, 在庫あり
2,400W PFC full brick
330 408 6 400 1 リクエスト 購入