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Mikron M345X6-LC


Liquid-Cooled, Low Temperature Blackbody Calibration Source with Large Surface Area, -40 to 100°C

The Mikron® M345X6-LC blackbody source is liquid-cooled and heated by precision thermoelectric modules (Peltier method). It is available in absolute or differential configurations. M345X6-LC calibration sources satisfy the exacting parameters of infrared focal plane array detectors, thermal imaging, and forward-looking infrared systems testing in static and moving scene applications. They combine fast slew rates, high emissivity, and unchallenged stability and uniformity.


  • High emissivity with thermometric calibration
  • Uniform temperature distribution with precision heating elements
  • Manufactured and tested to meet rigid quality control standards
  • Furnished with a certificate of calibration traceable to NIST
  • RS232 serial communication


  • Calibrate and verify the output signals of pyrometers, thermal imagers, etc.
  • Obtain lower temperature calibrations using liquid cooling
  • Utilize large aperture sizes
  • Control emitter source temperature with a precision digital PID controller
  • Satisfy the exacting parameters of infrared focal plane array detectors, thermal imaging and forward looking infrared systems testing


測定の不確かさ (°C): ±0.05 °C
インターフェース/出力(mA): RS232, RS485
周囲温度 (°C): 20 to 30
CEラベル: CE-Label
デバイス出力温度範囲 (°C): -40 to 100 °C
加熱エミッター形状: 152 x 152 mm


タイトル タイプ
Factory Calibration Services (45 KB) データシート
Mikron M345X6-LC Manual (844 KB) マニュアル