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Mikron M315-HT


Portable, Two-Piece Low Temperature Blackbody Calibration Source with a Large Surface Area, Ambient +5 to 450°C

The Mikron® Calibration Source M315-HT is a two-piece portable blackbody calibration source with a digital temperature controller that can be set at any temperature between ambient +5 to 450°C (9 to 842°F). Once set, the source temperature is controlled to within ±0.3°C by an internal RTD sensor. The M315-HT has an emissivity of 1.00 at 8 to 14 µm. The M315-HT feature separate housings to allow greater flexibility in positioning instrumentation within installation location(s) (e.g. long path calibration).


  • High effective emissivity 1.00 at 8 to 14 µm
  • Large aperture (3 in diameter)
  • Excellent stability ±0.3°C per 8-hour period
  • Furnished with certificate of calibration traceable to NIST
  • RS232 serial communication included


  • Ensure fast heat-up times and high temperature stability
  • Experience greater flexibility in positioning the instrument within an installation
  • Achieve high accuracy and repeatability
  • Guarantee the quality of your calibration source
  • Operate with high precision and resolution


測定の不確かさ (°C): 0.25% of reading ±1°C
インターフェース/出力(mA): RS232
相対湿度: 90
CEラベル: CE-Label
デバイス出力温度範囲 (°C): 5 to 450 °C
安定性: ±0.3°C per 8-hour period
加熱エミッター形状: 76 mm


タイトル タイプ
Mikron M315-HT Data Sheet (214 KB) データシート
Mikron M315-HT Manual (579 KB) マニュアル