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Trek 20/20C-HS


High-Speed, High Voltage Amplifier, Output Voltage 0 to ±20 kV DC or Peak AC

The non-inverting Trek® 20/20-HS high voltage amplifier features an all-solid-state design, high slew rate, ample bandwidth, and low-noise operation. Its four-quadrant, active output stage sinks or sources the current into reactive or resistive loads throughout the output voltage range. For demanding highly capacitive or reactive loads, this type of output is essential to enable accurate output responses and high slew rates.


  • DC-stable for programmable supply applications
  • NIST-traceable calibration certificate provided with each unit
  • Short-circuit protection for safeguarding equipment
  • CE compliant (230 VAC unit only)
  • Local and remote high voltage On/Off capabilities


  • Achieve high accuracy with a closed-loop system
  • Drive capacitive loads via a four-quadrant output
  • Rely on ultra-accurate outputs thanks to low-noise operation
  • Take advantage of nearly maintance-free operation and solid-state design
  • Reliably use in various applications


出力電力 (W): 400
最大出力電流 (A): ±0.02, ±0.06
スルー・レート(V/ms): >800000
出力電流範囲(mA): 0 to ±20
出力電圧範囲 (V): 0 to ±20000



Amplifier Selection Calculator

To help you select the appropriate Trek amplifier, we created this calculator. It uses peak-to-peak voltage to help calculate values associated with driving capacitive loads. If you have any difficulty with this software or would rather not do the download, please use the step-by-step calculator procedure.


Calibration and Alignment

Advanced Energy has the tools and processes to ensure your equipment continues to meet its original specifications.  Our products are calibrated at global AE service sites with proprietary technology designed to exceed industry standards​.

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