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1600 W Front End AC-DC Power Supplies

The DS1600SPE is an ultra-high density power supply providing 35 W per cubic inch. This 1600-W power supply is housed in 1U high rack-mounting enclosures measuring just 3.4 x 7.7 inches (86.3 x 196.5 mm). The latest power-switching technology and high-density component packaging techniques enable a significantly shorter form factor than similarly-rated earlier-generation power supplies, freeing up valuable system space. The DS1600SPE is fully digital and compatible with our universal PMBus®, allowing control via an integral I2C interface using the PMBus communications protocol. Each power supply generates a main payload output of 12 VDC for feeding downstream DC-DC converters in systems using distributed power architectures, together with a 12 VDC standby output rated at 3.5 A for power management circuitry.


  • 12.0 V housekeeping
  • 1600W output power
  • EN61000 Immunity
  • High efficiency (94% @ 230 VAC) 50% load
  • Input Range 90-140 VAC
  • Input Range 180-264 VAC
  • Input Frequency 47 - 63 Hz
  • Efficiency 94% peak
  • Hold-up Time 10 ms
  • Power Factor >0.98, typical
  • Load Sharing Active load sharing within 6% at full load
  • Output Ripple 120 mVp-p
  • Output Power Hi line12V/133.3A and 12VSB/3.5A, 1600W continuous
  • Output Power Lo line12V/66.67A and 12VSB/3.5A, 800W continuous


  • EMI Class A
  • High accuracy reporting functions
  • Internal OR'ing
  • Low fan noise feauter at standby mode
  • N+N Redundant
  • Variable speed smart fan
  • Protection OVP, OCP, Short Circuit, OTP
  • Power Good Active High
  • Fault Active Low
  • Remote On/Off Active Low


出力電力 (W): 1600
長さ(インチ): 7.736
幅(インチ): 3.4
高さ(インチ): 1.574
マウントタイプ: Rack-mount
最小出力電流 (A): 6
最大出力電流 (A): 133.3
出力電圧範囲 (V): 11.4V to 12.6V
すべての仕様 仕様の崩壊


モデル番号 最小電圧 (V) 最大最大電圧 (V) 電流 (A) 公称電圧 (V) 出力数 サンプル 購入
DS1600SPE-3 アクティブ, 在庫あり
1600W Forward air
11.4 12.6 133 12 1 リクエスト 購入
1600W Reverse air
11.4 12.6 133 12 1 お問い合わせ 購入



Universal PMBus GUI Software Package

The all new universal PMBus GUI software package provides power engineers with a simple – yet functionally powerful – user interface that delivers world-class control flexibility over their digitally controlled power conversion products.


Model DS1600SPE CSU1800AP
出力電力 (W) 1600 1800
入力電圧 (V)
動作温度 (°C)
長さ(インチ) 7.736 7.28
幅(インチ) 3.4 2.89
高さ(インチ) 1.574 1.57