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It’s Showtime! SEMICON West 2019, Here We Come

投稿 7月 01, 2019 によって Peter Gillespie

Are you ready for SEMICON West 2019? We are. We are looking forward to connecting one-on-one with customers and business partners from across the globe and across the supply chain. I enjoy seeing how the ideas that I’ve heard about have been made into new products, including new technology directions (chip architectures), emerging chip segments (Phase Change Memory, etc.) and emerging process requirements.

What You’ll Learn at Booth #1333

SEMICON is a good opportunity to showcase our own products and discuss our strategy for ensuring that, as an industry partner, our product and technology roadmap is aligned to our customers’ needs. We have expanded the breadth of our power solutions beyond our RF, DC, and RPS to now include high-voltage and low-voltage power supplies. We’ve also expanded our portfolio of thermal process control solutions. We acquired LumaSense Technologies Holdings, Inc. in September 2018, enabling us to further build out our portfolio of temperature sensing products for our semiconductor customer, as well as energy, industrial materials and other advanced technology applications.

While we pay close attention to our roots, diversification adds value to our customers and expands our reach. At our booth you’ll find that, as a pure-play power provider, we are focused on developing the plasma generation and control solutions that not only meet customer needs for today but for next-generation and next-next-generation applications. We’re supporting that commitment by doubling down on our investment in R&D (more on that soon), even as the semiconductor manufacturing industry is in the midst of a downturn. We’ve learned over the years that continually cultivating innovation within our labs and in academic institutions preps us for the next market resurgence. And it’s not just about technology. Investing in our people and helping them advance their knowledge, coupled with customer interaction, increases the speed of innovation and new product development innovation.

We are in the process of acquiring the embedded power business of Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Inc., which opens new opportunities in both the semiconductor space and in growth markets like hyperscale data centers, 5G wireless communications, and industrial technologies as well as medtech device development.

Get Ready to Be Amazed

It’s an exciting time for advanced manufacturing in so many areas. We are beginning to see the potential for Industry 4.0 as it unfolds in the tools and devices that our precision power solutions enable. While it’s easy to focus on specific applications, processes and devices, it’s important to remember that the entire supply chain is being transformed. Traceability and supply chain logistics, to name a few, are evolving steadily through digital transformation.

There are more than 500 companies on the SEMICON West 2019 exhibitors list. Between time on the show floor, keynote presentations, and breakout sessions, there’s an incredible amount of activity ahead for you. We hope you schedule time to meet with us, learn more about what we are delivering today and have planned for 2020 and beyond. I’m anticipating being amazed by what I’ll see in July in San Francisco and invite you to join us at the show. 


Peter Gillespie

Advanced Energy
Peter Gillespie joined Advanced Energy in January 2019 and now serves as senior vice president of strategic and corporate marketing. This is his second tenure at the company. Gillespie has held various leadership roles at Advanced Energy including senior vice president of semiconductor and computing products, vice president and general manager of semiconductor products, as well as vice president of global sales. Between positions at Advanced Energy, Gillespie was chief marketing officer at SEMI, the global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain. Prior to his first tenure at Advanced Energy, Gillespie was president of Tevet Process Control Technologies (acquired by Onto Innovation) and held leadership positions at KLA, Boxer Cross (acquired by Applied Materials), Fusion Semiconductor (now Axcelis), and Intertek. Gillespie serves on SEMI’s Board of Industry Leaders and on California Polytechnic (Cal Poly) State University College of Engineering Advisory Board. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Cal Poly State University – San Luis Obispo and has completed post-graduate courses in marketing, innovation, and finance at Stanford University.
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