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Mikron M315X Series


Two-Piece Medium Temperature Blackbody Calibration Source, Ambient +5 to 400°C

The Mikron® M315X series blackbody calibration sources satisfy exacting requirments of infrared focal plane array detectors, thermal imaging cameras, and other imaging systems. The M315X series calibration sources are resistively heated by precision heating elements to provide uniform temperature distributions. The two-piece system is comprised of controller module and a separate enclosure for the emitter source. Two connecting cables allow 3.6 m (12 ft) of separation between the blackbody source and the controller.


  • Excellent general purpose calibration
  • Large aperture sizes
  • Resistively heated by precision heating elements
  • RS232 (standard) or RS485 (option) serial communication output
  • High emissivity and uniformity


  • Satisfy the exacting parameters of infrared focal plane array detectors, thermal imaging, and FLIR systems testing in projection scene and field application
  • Achieve high accuracy and resolution
  • Ensure uniform temperature distributions
  • Control the emitter source temperature with a precision digital PID controller
  • Guarantee the quality of your calibration


測定の不確かさ (°C): 0.25% of reading ±1 °C
インターフェース/出力(mA): RS232
相対湿度: 90
CEラベル: CE-Label
デバイス出力温度範囲 (°C): Ambient +5 to 400 °C
安定性: ±0.3 °C per 8-hour period
加熱エミッター形状: 76 mm


タイトル タイプ
Mikron M315X (X4, X6) Data Sheet (232 KB) データシート
Mikron M315X4 Blackbody Manual (584 KB) マニュアル