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AD24 (Level VI)


24 W AC-DC Power Adapters

The new AD2412N3L-VI is a freestanding external 24 W AC-DC power adapter that uses high efficiency (87% typical) switch-mode technology to comply with European CoC v.5 Tier 2 and Department of Energy Level VI efficiency standards. It provides a flexible power solution with a compact form factor for a wide variety of portable and desktop applications including instrumentation, telecommunications, test and measurement systems and computer peripherals. The AD2412N3L-VI has a fully regulated 12 VDC output that can deliver up to 2 A. Standard features include an AC input fuse and an LED power indicator. Other features include protection against overvoltage and overcurrent conditions. The operating temperature range is extended down to -20°C, making it suitable for more demanding application environments.


  • Built in EMI filter (CISPR 22 Class B)
  • Complies with European CoC v.5 Tier 2 & US DoE Level VI efficiency requirements
  • EN6100032 compliant
  • IEC320 AC input receptacle 3 pin (type C14)
  • Meets K.21 ITUT Enhanced Surge requirement
  • Operating temperature range 20 °C to +50 °C ambient


  • AC input fuse
  • CE Mark EMC & LVD
  • Fully regulated output
  • High efficiency
  • High MTBF
  • LED power good indicator
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, and thermal protections
  • Universal AC input


出力電力 (W): 24
長さ(インチ): 4.13
幅(インチ): 1.89
高さ(インチ): 1.3
マウントタイプ: External Adapter
最小出力電流 (A): 0.1
最大出力電流 (A): 2
出力電圧範囲 (V): 12V to 12V
すべての仕様 仕様の崩壊


モデル番号 最小電圧 (V) 最大最大電圧 (V) 電流 (A) 公称電圧 (V) 出力数 サンプル 購入
AD2412N3L-VI アクティブ, 在庫あり 12 12 2 12 1 リクエスト 購入


タイトル タイプ
AD24_VI datasheet (408 KB) データシート
RoHS2 CoC AD2412N3L-VI RoHS Certificate (95 KB) RoHS証明書