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Spotlight on Scanning Electron Microscope Solutions from Advanced Energy

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If you research scanning electron microscopes on the Internet, you’ll find a lot of very cool high-resolution 3D images and diagrams of how SEMs work. What you won’t see is much discussion of the power sources generating the electron beams SEMs project to characterize surfaces. We consider that part of the system to be as interesting as the images. The way we look at it (pun intended), without a consistent, reliable and adaptable power source, breakthroughs in biomedical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, thin film production, pharmaceutical and other areas start with the power source.

Where We Focus Our Energy

Our customers see it a bit differently. To be competitive, they need to further increase the image resolution their SEMs can achieve while also improving reliability and ease-of-use. They also must be able to affordably develop prototypes, pivot designs to meet changing end-user requirements and bring products to market faster than competitors. If they can do that, they have much better odds of capturing a share of the estimated $1.5 billion global market.

By focusing our energy on overcoming those challenges, we have developed a suite of high voltage power supplies that enable you to focus on perfecting other elements in the SEMs you offer:

  • HiTek Power® PSM10 series – Powered from 24 VDC, these units allow full range control and monitoring of voltage and current via 0 to 10 V analog signals and inhibit signal input. Positive or negative polarity models are available. They’re a versatile component, ideal for lab, development and OEM equipment.
  • HiTek Power® IP100 series – Delivering 115 W output power at 90V to 265V AC operation, our IP100 series high voltage power supplies are designed for scanning electron microscopes, mass spectrometers and high-integrity vacuum systems.
  • HiTek Power® EG353 series – Lowest ripple and high-stability power supplies for resolutions to -1 nm. The EG353 series comes standard with Advanced Energy’s Direct Drive Digital Control, providing efficient, consistent operation and low variance to component change.

Powering Breakthroughs

Meeting SEM design engineering challenges used to be quite difficult. OEMs dealt with the fact that power supply manufacturers typically required that customers define a custom supply, invest in large-quantity orders and wait months for units to be built.

Advanced Engineering has changed all that. Based on our history of working with customers to define high voltage power supplies for specific applications, we have been able to develop off-the-shelf, cost-efficient units that support their performance requirements and operational goals for agility as well as cost control. Our approach enables you to order one unit or hundreds, without a surcharge.

You can learn more about our solutions for scanning electron microscopes on our site. Then, get in touch with our engineers to get started on determining which HiTek Power series is best for your industry. Come to think of it, that’s really where breakthroughs start.


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